Christmas Fair

December 10 2021 by Little Leaves

On Thursday 9th of December, we had a stall at King Edward VII School's Christmas fair. We strove to add an eco aspect to Christmas gift shopping and encourage people to believe that a plant is the best present you could get for Christmas. Not only that it helps the climate by converting carbon dioxide into Oxygen, but it makes a colourful, green sight in your house for your eyes to feast on. We sold so many plants and green themed crafts that we made over £150 pounds!!! 

We sold plants (including Spider Plants and Tradescantia), Christmas jewellery, Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, brooches, cushions,  biscuits, and felted plants.

Our next sale is next Thursday during lunch in our school (so sorry if you don't go there too) to sell the last of our Christmasy stock, so come and get some if you can. Some of it may be cheaper!


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