The Christmas fair

December 10 2021 by crochet craniacs

We had a stall at the Christmas fair in King Edward VII - our new Christmas products are varied crocheted ornaments, Santa cat hats (sold out) and biscuits with cute icing ♥︎ We were also selling all of our Halloween products on discount which all sold out! And any other item we have made before (many of them are sold out now) were also on sale. But don't worry, any sold out item you can just request by dms on Instagram @crochetcraniacs and for custom orders do the same !

We will be restocking on Santa cat hats and the foods but also expect some new cute amigurimis ❣︎ !! Unfortunately we have been informed that shipshape winter fair is cancelled due to Covid but hopefully there are more opportunities for selling. Check our blogs regularly to see if there's any further updates. 

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who bought from us, we made £86 in total today and have a safe winter ♡︎!!


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