Fair number 2 (oughtibridge fair)

December 12 2021 by Cow and Crow

This fair was very different to the KES fair; there was an axe throwing stall, there was a father christmas someone and asked for a retierment card, we will have to put it on our to do list! Overall it was a slow but steady fair and we met lots on new people, we have even been invited a craft fair in the summer.

At first count we think we have now taken over £320 between all of our fairs/orders. We still have a few more orders to put together, but i think we need to spend the next few days completing orders and making sure our accounts are up-to-date. We need to think about how we are going to sell more items after christmas.

Overall we have a really jam-packed and exciting week selling and making products (often at the last minute), but we are very tired now and are ready for a rest. 

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