Product development

February 5 2022 by Cow and Crow

We know we have bean very quite the past few weeks, but we have started working on our spring card collections! We have made 2 new designs and are working on 2 right now: a dafodil, a party cat, a lamb and a mug. We have found it hard starting up again after christmas, with not many places or products to sell, but are very excited for the valentines moor market on the 12th February. We might also start selling a few of our cards at a Farm Shop, so we are back in full swing with producing lot, and lots of products.

We have trying to improve the print quality of our cards.  Weve been experimenting with printing on to rice paper and then sticking it onto the cards with PVA and spray mount, although both work, spray mount works a little bit better so we will use that for now. This technique does use more money, but we think the overall look is much better,the prints are much clearer.

One problem we have come across is with our little helper, Welly (our crazy dog). After spending hours printing cards in our kitchen, Welly decided to jump on the table and knock a jug of water all over the cards. Some of the cards are save-able, but it was alittle set back. Although we lost a bit of money with that incident we have learnt not to leave the cards in reach of the dog. We are learning new things everyday!

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