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White Autumn

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We are going to make mainly eco-friendly Christmas decorations and personalised, family and friend rocks/pebbles. The main part of our business will be snow globes, we will re-use coffee jars and collect (by hand) pinecones, conkers and acorns. Our rocks will put a smile on peoples face as a small gesture when they recieve them as a gift.

Target market: Family, friendships and people who love christmas.

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An update

Posted on November 19 2021

We are very sorry for the wait on our products however we have been using the time wisely to come up with the best product design for you! Hopefully, if all goes planned, you shouldnt have to wait too much longer at all! We are getting new supplies all ready and just need to make a new prototype to make sure you get the best deal!! P.S our insta username is w.a_snowglobes please dm us for any questions or orders! Thankyou for your patience. W.A

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