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Our business idea is too create sweet packages however on special events like the christmas fair:we would sell jewellery packages such as: Bracelets and necklaces. Which are able to be personalised if you choose too. We are also planning on selling sweets as well, and will create offers for both together. E.g: If you spend over £5 on jewellery than you will get a free pick n mix. We would also be selling in places outside of school. In honeypot destinations.

Target market: They would most likely be from ages 9-18, as we've picked a product, suited for a larger range of buyers.

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FIZZY is thriving:

Posted on December 3 2021

Today we had a sales event at school and  it was another amazing day.

Although our prime buyers were not there as most of the year was at a club we managed to still suceeded and made a lot of profit. 

We aproximatley made around £125 today. :) 

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Posted on December 3 2021

Our Sweet bags are looking better than ever! :)


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