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1000 Angels and 1000 Milkshakes

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So some of random people might come after jogging or like after being tired they might come drink my milkshakes. (maybe)…

Target market: Random people, strangers or my friends.

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Milky Milkshakes

Posted on November 7 2022

So i have been working for this big challenge for a while and i decided to come up with an idea...

I decided to start a milkshakes stand named ''Milky Milkshakes''.

I am selling these milkshakes at a school named '' Chaucer School ''

The reason why i choose milkshakes i...

  • Kids in School loves having milkshakes
  • I maybe think Teachers may come i and have *i am not sure about that but, maybe*

This is the reason why i choose milky milkshakes :)



-Angel Santhosh

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Posted on November 6 2022

Hi, I am Angel.

I am selling tasty milkshakes.

I sell this milkshakes at S5 8NH at chaucer school.

I sell this at break.

So bye...?

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