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We plan to sell cakes, cookies and drinks outside a school and just outside a park.

Target market: School kids and parents

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New info

Posted on November 2 2022

Hello again! We have new info on the stuff we will be selling tomorrow (3rd november) at KES school at the Y7 settling in evening. We will be selling cake, cupcakes, shortbread ( thank you to James who suggested this via my email, on the previous blog, I hope you like it!) ,popcorn and drinks. Please be there if you can! :)

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First time selling!

Posted on October 19 2022

Hi people! It's Sam here, and we just sold our first stuff today :)   

If you wern't there make sure you are next time (Hopefully the 31st of October, Halloween) And we'll be selling a bunch of halloween based stuff outside wesways school. We will also be selling at the Y7 settling in evening at King edward the seventh school. please try and come to one of these. If you want to, email me at    SJones2@kes.sheffield.sch.uk with stuff you'd like us to sell.



See ya for now!

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Selling dates

Posted on October 12 2022

Hello people! We pl,an to sell our first stuff next wednesday, (19th) make sure to be there! (postcodes are on the previous blog post.)

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