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Washi tape pallet coasters and delicious cookies

Target market: Adults, friends and family

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Week 2

Posted on November 1 2022

During the half term I have been working on some coasters which will be listed on Facebook Marketplace for s10 area of Sheffield.

I am selling soon at the y7 settling in evening where we will have cookies? for those who don't want the coasters to gain more profit.


Thanks again for all the support 

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Week 1 of selling!

Posted on October 17 2022

I have sold loads of designs so far and I just want to say Thanks to allt he people who have ordered so far. I am working on a Facebook account if anybody would like to order via Facebook I haven't made it yet so I'll add it later. Please get in touch! if you would like one.

I have attached all the different designs we can offer choose out your favourites before there gone!!


My email is

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Prices and everything else you need to know

Posted on October 13 2022


I am selling the coasters individually and in sets.

- individually a coaster will be £2

- in a set of 3 for £5


I am plannig to sell on the 3rd of november for the settling in day which will be organised by King Edwards VII

I will post more blogs of when I am going to sell.

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