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We are going to sell:
Pompoms and tassels on keyrings and baked goods like buns and cookies. We are planning to also have a bun decorating activity for anyone who wants a unique bun customized by themselves.

Target market: Young children Anyone who likes a slice of cake or a nice, tasty cookie.

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Making Money!

Posted on December 1 2022

We sold some stuff at a Christmas fair today and we were very successful.

WE MADE: £82.39

I would like to say a massive congratulations to our team on making so much money, also well done Grace for making so much as well, I hope that if we don't win you do. :)

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Loom band bracelets

Posted on November 6 2022

We sell loom band bracelets in a variety of colours and styles. Here are some pictures of some that we've made.


Price: 50p to 70p (depends of size)

Please remember there might be different colours and styles to the ones below. Thx.

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