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Our business idea is to make and sell mini soap in the shape of flowers and hearts. They will be natural and vegan they will be sold in groups of 5 and a random scent and colour will be added to each mini soap they will be sold for £1.50. The colours and scents will be strong when you buy a box of soap it will be like a mystery and it would be fun to guess the scents that we have put in the soap. Our soaps would be a colourful touch to your bathroom and the scents would fill up the room.

Target market: I think our product would mainly be advised to adults that my have there own house and would need some soap to clean with

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Posted on February 6 2023

We are now selling at some car boot sales on a Sunday, futher information will be provided at a later date!! (they will all be based in sheffield)


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Our Christmas Fair

Posted on December 6 2022

Hi, We are Scrub-a-dub-dub and we are posting this blog to tell you about our christmas fair! 

Our christmas fair is going to be on Wednesday 7th December



Sorry for the short notice.


It will be in our gym and our school is located Handsworth Grange Rd, Sheffield S13 9HJ

It will be free to enter but you might/will want to bring money incase you are looking for a little gift for a special someone.Or you. 

There will be a range of different stalls to venture/ look around.


Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you there.


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