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Selling handmade soap in a wide variety of scent combinations, including orange, peppermint, tea tree and lavender. Each will be individually crafted, packaged, and adorned with flowers, sugar crystals, etc.
15%-20% of our profit will be donated to, a charity dedicated to fighting period poverty.
Our target market is young adults and above, and our marketing will reflect this.

Target market: Probably older people, maybe younger people

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Parents evening sale

Posted on January 17 2023

At the Y11 parent's evening, we sold out. Making a total of £17.01, we improved our customer communication skills and finance management. We learned the spend more time on advertising preperations

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Parent's evening

Posted on January 10 2023

On the 12th of January, weplan to sell another batch of soap to parents and students at the Y11 parent's evening. They will be priced at £2.50

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Moor market

Posted on January 10 2023

We sold out at the moor market, making approximately £105. We learned how to advertise our product to potential customers and assign roles within our group 

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