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Woodland Craft

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We will be making and selling pretty much anything made out of wood. Our ideas so far are wooden animals, toy bow and arrows, wooden mini knives and key rings. In addition to the wooden things, we will also sell quick release paracord bracelets, Lino printed nature themed cards and much more. As a team, we aim to be as eco friendly as possible.

Target market: We are aiming to reach as wide an audience as we can, however will focus more on people who share our love of nature.

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King Edwards Christmas Market

Posted on December 19 2022

We sold lots of things inclucding





Candle holders 

wistles and more.

Our total profit from all of our stalls comes to £164.19

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Christmas Reaths

Posted on November 29 2022

We have been making christmas wreathes to sell at the kingedwards christmas market.

We have collected holly, hazel sticks, evergreen, hydrainjers, and have made dried oranges.


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