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Hi everyone,
Our business plan is to create small sachets of hot chocolate with a selection of toppings of the customer's choosing which could be:
-marshmallows -cinnamon
-rainbow/chocolate sprinkles -crushed digestive biscuits

Thank you, Neve Summerfield and Jade Winslade.

Target market: Anyone who likes hot chocolate or for people who like hot chocolate.

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Posted on January 30 2023


We have had a MASSIVE boost in our sales.

Last saturday we were at Moor marcket selling our products and guess what!


A special thanks to anybody who bought our products and supported us as a small buisiness.

We will update you soon BYE!!

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Posted on November 15 2022

Hi everyone,

were currently unsure of when our first selling will be but we are banking on it being very soon.


Hope we see u there. Bye

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