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My business would be to make a variety of baked goods and artistic crafts based upon astrology meaning zodiac signs, how we will present this is on each baked good or artistic craft we create it will have an aspect on the zodiac signs. For example, we'll craft dreamcatchers so on each one it might portray a characteristic of the signs or the name of the sign to really show the idea.

Target market: I believe we'll attract customers from a range of 14 - 40 it's hard to tell because anyone could be interested in the topic of astrology but that is the main ages, we're targeting towards teen years to around middle age, but any customers are welcome if interested in our products.

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How our creations are going?

Posted on January 30 2023

So far we have been able to create the bookmarks needed for selling, we unfortunetly missed out opportunities to market our items due to a member falling ill. We will try our best to get the products out there as soon as possible

Our brownies have faced a few difficulties however we will ensure another batch of them will be soon released to everyone 


Thank you for supporting us throughout the process

                                                                                 Many Thanks, 

                                                                                 Zodiac Emporium 

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