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Cali Jewels

From Handsworth Grange Community Sports College

A hardworking team of 4, handmaking unique jewellery such as rings and bracelets. Made for everyone; very inclusive and comfortable. We also make candles, with delightful scents as a perfect gift.

Target market: People of all ages.

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Changed prices

Posted on January 16 2023

Our new prices are

Bracelets ~ £1

Personalised Bracelets ~ £1.20

 Rings ~ 80p

Keychains ~ £1 OUT OF STOCK

Small candles ~ £1.25

Large candles ~ £1.50

-Charlie Hamilton - Blog and email manager

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New Products!

Posted on January 16 2023

We are now making and selling candles!! Our candles will be great presents for anyone, and there is a variety of different scents including cinnamon and rose. 

A small candle is £1.25

A large candle is £1.50

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Posted on December 6 2022

As we have said on our Instagram 


We are very sorry to all our customers but we do not have any keychain materials left; if anyone has ordered keychains you can swap those for bracelets or just remove them from your order. We are ordering more as soon as we can. Thank you

- Cali Jewels




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