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Our enthusiastic team are a group of young people with entrepreneurial mindset in hope to become a successful bakery business. Another dream is to inspire other young people or people that feel that they are good enough that there are no limits in which you can do you something you love and enjoy to become successful. In addition to that to remind them anything you put your mind to it your able to do if are determined and resilient enough.

Target market: Our target customers will be a variety because of food being delicious and friendly to a wide range of allergies.

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Posted on December 5 2022

Hey guys,

These are our prices for wednesday's selling oppurtunites.


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Posted on November 29 2022

Hey guys,

I just wanted to inform you on our upcoming event in which we will be selling all of our products.This will be in our school on the 7th of december 2022 which is in 3 days!

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Posted on November 16 2022


We now have business cards that will be avalible when we sell.

Below will be an image of what they look like.

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