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A mix of clothing, candles and jewellery to start. Potentially shoes later on. Also some hand made bags.

Target market: Teenagers and adults interested in fashion, candles and shoes.

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Custom shoes

Posted on November 26 2022

Hello everyone, 

We are introducing our custom shoes program. You can send us the shoes you want and the design you want. The price will vary but it will be approximately  30 to 150 pounds depending on the shoes. 

If you want professionally custom painted shoes email us, send us the shoe and design you want and will will do the rest.

You can then either pick the shoes up at a sale or we can drop them off whenever you want. 

There is an example of shoes below...   Thank you all 

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Jewelry workshop

Posted on November 26 2022

Hey everyone, 

Hope your exited for our first few sales. We will be have a "make your own jewelry exclusive", the price will vary from 3 to 10 pounds. 

Hope your all exited and see you soon

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Who are we and what do we want?

Posted on November 20 2022

Hello everyone, 

We are a group of students that want to help our ecosystem and economy while putting smiles on your faces. Our aim is to create fashionable and trending products but still be eco-friendly. We are doing this by supporting local charities and uplifting as much as possible. We will use the money given to us to buy products that we can uplift and then sell to you guys. We will try to use eco-friendly packaging and include all sizes in our clothing and shoes. We don't only want to be noticed for the products, we want to be noticed for how good for the environment they are. And hopefully if we make enough money we can donate to the children's hospital and different charities. 

Thank you and see you soon xx

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