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A mix of clothing, candles and jewellery to start. Potentially shoes later on. Also some hand made bags.

Target market: Teenagers and adults interested in fashion, candles and shoes.

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Our Thanks !!

Posted on March 22 2023

I think all the members of The Upcyclers can agree that we had such and amazing time doing Big Challenge. We are so grateful that we managed to get to Dragons Den and get to go to the OEC event. We hope to carry on our buisiness and use all our knowledge from our Big Challenge journey and apply it to our future sales. Also, we are so thankful for all our customers that bought our things and helped us make our buisiness even greater.

Thank you for letting us take part in this challenge,

Best of luck

- The Upcyclers 

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Custom shoes

Posted on November 26 2022

Hello everyone, 

We are introducing our custom shoes program. You can send us the shoes you want and the design you want. The price will vary but it will be approximately  30 to 150 pounds depending on the shoes. 

If you want professionally custom painted shoes email us, send us the shoe and design you want and will will do the rest.

You can then either pick the shoes up at a sale or we can drop them off whenever you want. 

There is an example of shoes below...   Thank you all 

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Jewelry workshop

Posted on November 26 2022

Hey everyone, 

Hope your exited for our first few sales. We will be have a "make your own jewelry exclusive", the price will vary from 3 to 10 pounds. 

Hope your all exited and see you soon

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