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Our business is a female teen run business.We will be selling crystal jewellery such as crystal earring, rings and more.We are young entrepreneurs who will put 110% effort into every order we get.We aim to to inspire other young teens like ourselves to go out side of their comfort zone to try something new.We will work collaboratively together to make sure our business is thriving in every way possible.We will also keep up to date with our finances so we know how much profit our business is making and also how much stock we have and what stock we need to re purchased again.We also have set up social media accounts to advertise and display our products to a wider audience.All of our social media accounts will be managed and kept up to date with.We have designed a logo that which fits our business and products well.We hope to continue this business on even after the Big Challenge.

Target market: Targeted at tweens/teens

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Posted on November 17 2022

Hello, it's the Social Media Advisor T'air Sharpe here to tell you all about our social media.W will be posting sortly on these accounts.




If you ever want to contact us for any reasons or questions our Outlook email is

Thank you,


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