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We are going to be making colourful and interesting soaps. All the products we use are natural, eco- friendly and/or ethically sourced. We will be putting together bags of mini soaps, scented soaps, coloured soaps and more!

Target market: We will try sell them to our classmates in school. We will also try to sell them to our neighbours.

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Marble guessing game winners!!!

Posted on December 15 2021

The Christmas fair on the 9th December last week was a success! We made around £100 which we were very happy with. On our stall we had a bottle with different sized marbles in it for people to guess how many were in there. The prize was a free snowflake soap. The amount of marbles in the bottle was 106. When we checked everyone's guesses there were two people who were only four away. These people were Thomas, who is in Y7 and guessed 102, and Niovi, who is Achilleas' sister and guessed 110 (for those of you who think that Achilleas would have told her the answer, we didn't tell any of our siblings!) In the end we decided to give them both a snowflake. Niovi has recieved hers but we haven't managed to get Thomas' to him yet as we haven't seen him but as soon as we do we will make sure he gets it :)

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Christmas Fair!!!

Posted on December 8 2021

On Thursday 9th December we will be selling our soap at the King Edward VII lower school Christmas fair. As well as selling our soaps, we will have a competition that you can enter which will be guess how many marbles are in the jar. It will be 20p to enter and if you win you can win a free tree and a snowflake! We will be selling:

Soap bars

Festive soaps (Trees, Snowflakes and Stockings)

Mini Festive soaps

Mini Jigsaw pieces 

(See our previous post for prices)


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Our Christmas products

Posted on December 2 2021

All throughout the Christmas season we will be selling Winter and festive soaps. We have many different products such as snowflakes, trees and mini festive soaps. We also have non festive soaps for the people who don't celebrate Christmas, the most popular being the mini jigsaw pieces. All of our products are eco-friendly and/or ethically sourced. Even our packaging in 100% biodegradable! Also 20% of our profits will go to Sheffield Children's Hospital. We will be selling at the Christmas fair at King Edwards VII lower school. For those of you interested here is the price list:

Soap bars (blue, green, red, neon red, yellow and sparkly white) - £2.00

Festive soaps (trees, snowflakes, bells, santa hats and stockings) - £1.50

Mini Festive soaps (x4) - £1.00

Jigsaw pieces  - x8 £1.00  x4 £0.50


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