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  Introduction to journaling

Produced by the Careers Collective for the entrants of the BiG Challenge. Sponsored by Henry Boot.



  Reflective Journal - Student Guide

An opportunity to reflect on your business, your product and your own learning. Deadline for entries: Friday 25 February 2022.

  Download (3MB .pptx)


  Employer video resources

Watch our video series to get top tips from brilliant businesses around Sheffield.


SkillsBuilder Teamwork

  Get your team together!

  Download (4MB .pptx)

SkillsBuilder Creativity

  What is your idea?

  Download (4MB .pptx)

SkillsBuilder Problem Solving

  Make your product

  Download (3MB .pptx)

SkillsBuilder Aiming High

  Sell your product

  Download (7.5MB .pptx)


  Cash Flow Template

  Download (18kb .xlsx)

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