Team List

Team list

Team name School Business Idea Link
Necessary Necessity Accessories High Storrs School We will be hand crafting up-cycled earrings, hand knitted headbands and wooden key rings. View
Work Hard Get Paid Meadowhead School We are creating a clothing brand that is very affordable and great quality View
Wood Buddies King Edward VII School We are creating wooden souvenirs and gifts also ornaments with writing and drawings shown on the wood. There will be holidays on the gift one like Christmas and happy birthday we also do animal ones aswell. View
Crescent Crafts King Edward VII School We are selling home made eco friendly candles. We have different scents and colours and we are also planing to make marble candles. We are also thinking of doing jewlery (earings, braclets, rings and necklaces etc) maybe also keyrings. View
Light up King Edward VII School I am going to sell colourful glass bottle with LED lights perfect for a unique gift View
Candles and bracelets King Edward VII School We will make and sell bracelets and scented candles a small amount of the money we make will go to charity View
COOKIE JARS Forge Valley Community School To make jars filled with the ingredients to make cookies, the buyer only has to add egg. View
Da Bomb Tapton School A bath bomb business for sensitive skin and made with all natural products, we will sell on Etsy and at markets. View
PolyChrome High Storrs School We are doing tote bag with the colours of a certain theme such as colours of the Peak District View
Wake and co High Storrs School My idea is to make resin keyrings with the first letter of your name. View
Eco Kids King Edward VII School We are selling seed kits along with lollies with edible flowers inside,cake pops and Keychain. We will also be selling some Christmas tree seeds and maybe some arts and crafts to decorate a plant pot View
Beads and stitches King Edward VII School We will be making arts and crafts themed things, such as Hama beads, bracelets, Crosstich and crotchet View
The Cool Coasters High Storrs School We make coasters using our own photos as well as making custom coasters. View
Sugar Shack Sheffield High School Sweets and baked goods. View
CAM Crafts King Edward VII School We are going to make customised paintings , bottle holder and chalk bottles View
Origami Bros Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Origami to inspire people and express their creativity View
Keyhamee King Edward VII School Keyring bracelets rings View
Dyno Dog Leads Tapton School Dog accessories made in Sheffield from repurposed Sheffield climbing rope. Including leads, toys and more. Find us on instragram! @dyno_dog_leads. Also take a look at our website! View
bloom Sheffield High School hand made candles personalised jewelry View
Scrunchies and treats King Edward VII School Hi me and my teen will be making hand made scrunches and some goodies what include cupcakes and cake what will also be made bye us we will keep updating our feed to show you our progress View
Wonder words Tapton School Creative calligraphy and art based products such as personalised cards, peoples name in calligraphy with a quote underneath, tote bags and coasters View
Soaptastic King Edward VII School We are going to be making colourful and interesting soaps. All the products we use are natural, eco- friendly and/or ethically sourced. We will be putting together bags of mini soaps, scented soaps, coloured soaps and more! View
NARA Tech King Edward VII School Sell customisable, hand-made phone-cases with text on View
Glittering Gems King Edward VII School Hi I'm Jocelyn and in going to tell you a bit about our products. We are making jewellery and plaited bracelets and I promise we take time to make sure it's as good as we can get it.We sell our products at a reasonable price. We really hope that you will buy one and love it. View
Bags n Bits Handsworth Grange Community Sports College I WILL Make different bags. 1 will be big gift bag 2 will be small gift bags 3 will be the pack. The pack will be a envelope shaped pocket for girls my age to keep period products in. they are customisable .you can get all 3 bags will be available in character fabric are with your name on. View
Skylines Craft Tapton School We are using old/recycled items eg: old bathroom tiles and turning them into aesthetic decor items that can be used anywhere. A few of our ideas are: trivets and coasters set with resin; flowers preserved in resin; turning newspapers into aesthetic bookmarks and glass bottles and wax into candles. View
Cake and Clay King Edward VII School I am going to create cakes for all diets including vegan. I will also be creating and selling products made from clay. I am going to sell these in person at advertised events posted on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. I will be offering a delivery service. Some of my profits will be going to Sheffield Children's Hospital. View
Geo Jeweles Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Our business idea is a variety of handmade crystals jewellery that is is carefuly crafted with great skill and delicatcy. View
Phone Fantastic Parkwood Academy Personalised phone cases for all phones. We will create posters and post them round the school. View
pomfs power King Edward VII School We make jewelry including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and keyrings. we will make them out of clay and beads . View
SEAMLESS STATIONERY Meadowhead School We sell great quality, cheap, and colourful custom designed stationary. Choose one we’ve already designed or request your own colours and patterns View
Scrunchiesandgoodybags King Edward VII School It’s hand make scrunchies and goddy bags View
Sijem King Edward VII School D.I.Y ideas like crocheting, origami etc View
Resin rainbows King Edward VII School Resin bookmarks and cards View
Simply Soapy Tapton School We are an eco-friendly company that sell sustainable soaps and candles View
COOKIE JARZ Forge Valley Community School To make jars containing all of the ingredient to make cookies. The buyer only has to add eggs to the mix. View
Sweets n stuff Forge Valley Community School We will sell repackaged sweets and homemade sweet things (example: cupcakes, chocolate) View
Nour King Edward VII School I will selll of.necklaces that i made it will cost around 50p or £1 it will be different charms and colours . View
YoungMoneyClan Chaucer Business and Enterprise College We will be making jewelry and keychains out of acrylic and alliminum View
Creative Coasters Meadowhead School Our business idea is we make coasters and then stick appropriate memes on them to make them funny. So that everyday things can be funny and you can be happier during the day. View
Toffee High Storrs School We are going to sell sustainable soy-wax candles with different scents and eco-friendly, hydrating lip scrubs with natural skin safe ingredients. We will also be selling a variety of delicious sweet treats like gingerbread, brownies and cinnamon swirls! View
Eco Geccos High Storrs School Eco Earrings View
Fatherlesss King Edward VII School We are setting up a tuck shop. We sell crisps,sweets and drinks. View
Rings and Bling King Edward VII School we are the ring and bling a jewelry making team we make all sorts of jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, ankles and personalized bracelets View
Brookie Bracelets Sheffield High School My business makes resin paracord bracelets and in a few week, using our profits, keyrings. View
Show Your Colours Meadowhead School our business idea is to create laminated pride flags, colored pronoun cards and preferred name cards, so that students and teachers alike can buy them to represent their sexuality, pronouns and what they would like to be called. all cards will be laminated key ring size and have a small metal loop so people can attach them to their keys or to a lanyard. the cards will be made individual to each person. our products will be 50p each for one key ring, or a key ring pack of 3(one of each pronoun, pride and name) for 1.50. mix and match to show your colors! View
Rings and Things High Storrs School We are making rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They will be made out of wire and gems. We are also donating 40% of our profit to charity. View
Trixxi Bradfield School We are doing a soap making business View
crochet craniacs King Edward VII School Handmade pet accessories, decor and candles. View
A and M sweets King Edward VII School handmade sweets cones - £1 and halal pick and mix bags - 50p tangy sweets, chewy sweets and much more! come along and buy some, reasonable prices for very good sweets <3!!! View
3 for all King Edward VII School Our business idea is for people to enjoy our fantastic, tasty baked goods and savory foods. This is targeted towards people who have a sweet tooth and enjoy a delicious treat throughout the day. View
Ayaans Art Hub Forge Valley Community School Im going to sell artwork View
Rose Resins Meadowhead School We make resin crafts like phone cases, keyrings, coasters, decorative signs and Christmas ornaments. We will make products on demand depending on what people want. View
Resin makers King Edward VII School It is resin a stones made out of a plant or synthetic orgin and many people keep them in there house as pretty stones View
Cow and Crow King Edward VII School We will be selling homemade wooden animals, coconut bird food holders, lino print cards and increasing our range of cow and crow themed products as profits allow. View
Crystal clear King Edward VII School A cute, diverse cheap store that is accessible for everyone. Our targeted Age group is Y7 and Y8. View
The Pyrography Emporium King Edward VII School We will sell beautiful, handmade coasters, jewelry boxes and more, which will be engraved with intricate pyrographed designs. View
candlly Firth Park Community Arts College our business idea is all about candles pink candles, homemade candles, big candles, small candles and more! View
Little And Interesting King Edward VII School We are doing a variety of crafty stuff, like ffreindship bracelets. View
Airevas Threads Forge Valley Community School Hand-Embroidery on totes & different types of clothing. View
Spoonshop studios King Edward VII School Spoon jewellery View
Something And Co Forge Valley Community School Custom Art And Animations And Cups Of Coffee or Tea in a park. View
ANX King Edward VII School We will be selling t-shirts, tote bags and phone cases decorated with cute, electric and popular designs. View
Pop Sockets Handsworth Grange Community Sports College our idea is to create custom pop sockets. we will use our 50% of our money to order clear pop sockets and the rest to buy paints and nail polish to glaze and decorate. we will make different designs and styles for each gender. View
TT Crafts King Edward VII School Hey! We are TT Crafts! Just to give you a bit of info about us we create handmade magnets and keyrings from almost anything! We want to spread a smile across peoples faces by spreading positive messages within our products, especially at this tough time. View
Tie dye team King Edward VII School Tie dye merchandise View
Candy Bliss King Edward VII School Candy bad, cookies,brownies and juice View
Hot Cocoa Meadowhead School Our business is a product based business which sells hot chocolate powder and marshmallows in special cone shaped bags made for the season. View
Treaties King Edward VII School Bagged Wrapped treat goods (chocolates, sweets) View
family cafe Chaucer Business and Enterprise College Hot chocolate and coffee pouches View
JABS Labs King Edward VII School For our buisness we will be selling science kits View
E and B gifts King Edward VII School Gift bags View
TDLP Forge Valley Community School Beaded crafts such as braclets,keyrings and necklaces View
Just to say Tapton School We make magnets and key rings homemade with love and earrings with many designs to suit everyone You will find something you love! You can find us at @justtosay2021 on Instagram and we have a facebook page coming soon! View
Top Dog Accessories Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Dog Accessories which can be for any size/shape dogs. These include collars, leads, bandanas, bowls, dog toys and dog tags. All accessories made will be comfortable and personalised if wished. View
Cases4u Forge Valley Community School We are doing custom phone cases or pre made phone cases for all types of phones. We are aiming to win the competition and set up a website and occasionally run stalls out of school. View
Futuristic bots King Edward VII School Electronics such as speakers View
Home of the moon Meadowhead School We are selling aesthetic items of jewelry themed on nature-esc/Pinterest cottage core including mushrooms, flowers, fairy bottle and moon necklaces, rings and earrings. we are hand making them and making them as eco friendly as possible. we will also sell extra sweets with EVERY purchase. View
spoonmalows King Edward VII School luxury hot chocolate View
Family bakes Chaucer Business and Enterprise College baking, selling cupcakes View
Smile Dude Sheffield High School We will be making clay braclets and wire rings View
the crochet shop Forge Valley Community School we are going to make crochet bees, bags, tops and other things View
Key hamee King Edward VII School Key rings and resin bookmarks!!!! View
Ops supplies King Edward VII School We will sell jewellery and wooden rings View
no name yet King Edward VII School we will make and sell lipgloss. View
beaded things King Edward VII School we are making and selling beaded things like jelwrey and keyrings. There will be different designs of braclets like flower designs and stars. View
Simply Resin Sheffield High School Resin is the underlying theme of the business with all products sold being resin-based.Our business is currently resin keychains with a variety of different options. Consumers could opt for a less expensive keychain such as seasonal themed generic ones or opt for a more premium personalised option. View
Poise Tapton School Nourishing, reviving, replenishing beauty products. All affordable and quality. View
Fruitti Tutti High Storrs School We will sell clay keyrings(£1) and 3D-printed magnets(£1.50) with many fruit and vegetable themes. We will also sell stressballs (£1) and sweetcones (£1.50). View
Witch Generation King Edward VII School witchy themed/ halloween such as candles crystals and jewlery View
The Printing Press Meadowhead School We are planning on sewing PE bags and embroidering Initials on them. View
Bake It x Frame It Sheffield High School We are a business which will be selling to different varieties of products. Our first product will be custom photo frames. This will include frames that let the buyer put their own photos in, digital art frames, and frames with messages in. Our second product is cupcakes in which we will have two different flavours and designs. View
Rose Jewellery Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Our idea was to design our own jewellery with in the thought that we both liked the idea of desining our own jewellery for people that enjoy affordable earings / jewellery View
Fizz Sheffield High School We're making penny sleeve cases, decorated with stickers and decorated tote bags and scrunchies. View
flwerbunny Forge Valley Community School We will sell all things beads! we will specialise in bracelets. View
FIZZY Sheffield High School Our business idea is too create sweet packages however on special events like the christmas fair:we would sell jewellery packages such as: Bracelets and necklaces. Which are able to be personalised if you choose too. We are also planning on selling sweets as well, and will create offers for both together. E.g: If you spend over £5 on jewellery than you will get a free pick n mix. We would also be selling in places outside of school. In honeypot destinations. View
Idol Creations Meadowhead School We are making jewelry based on important people such as Rosa Parks or Neil Armstrong as an example. We are also making poems to go with the jewelry. View
personalized 4 you Chaucer Business and Enterprise College Our business idea is to make personalised gifts. Not even gifts just maybe like a treat for someone. View
Snoodles King Edward VII School To sell homemade snoods made out of old clothes. View
Little Leaves King Edward VII School Encourage people to appreciate plants and the environment. View
Auriela King Edward VII School We will be selling a selection of candles, wax melts and tote bags. View
Adore Accessesories Handsworth Grange Community Sports College For our business idea we are wanting to sell acrylic nails with unique designs. The nails will come in cute bags with a mini file and an option of nail glue or sticky backs to stick them on. View
iconic bros2022 All Saints we are using stationary for students and even the teachers. View
CCC Handsworth Grange Community Sports College We have decided to make personalised handmade clocks and ceramic keychains View
Xtra King Edward VII School I am selling glass bottles with shapes like bears that you can fill with sand. View
Ecokosmi Tapton School Our idea is to create eco-friendly, fashionable and handmade accessories and jewellery such as: key rings, necklaces and earrings. Our range of products may expand later in the competition. View
Craft Blast King Edward VII School A mixture of various different products including resin crafts, interesting jewellery, and unique colourful key rings. View
Bits and Bobs King Edward VII School We make jewellery and decor. View
The ALE business Forge Valley Community School We are going to sell Christmas, birthday and occasional cards, of all shapes and sizes and possibly other Christmas things. They will be hand - drawn, embossed, and abstract. These cards will be eco friendly, and we could also take commissions for drawings or cards. View
White Autumn Meadowhead School We are going to make mainly eco-friendly Christmas decorations and personalised, family and friend rocks/pebbles. The main part of our business will be snow globes, we will re-use coffee jars and collect (by hand) pinecones, conkers and acorns. Our rocks will put a smile on peoples face as a small gesture when they recieve them as a gift. View
Woolfully Sheffield High School Crochet and knitting products - family & environmentally friendly View
Sheffield Legends High Storrs School We are making coasters and other items with pictures of Sheffield maps. They'll be cork based and have strong sealant on. View
Lighting Sweets Forge Valley Community School we are going to male and sell cones of sweets, there will be 6 sweets per cone, it will cost 50p we will do a specialised Christmas version and will sell them around school. We aim to set up a stall near the dining area. View
makes and bakes Forge Valley Community School a business created by baking but we also make different things such as jewelry crochet and some other crafts View
Fire flames King Edward VII School Making candles View
the fun bags King Edward VII School selling fun treats and entertaining activitie sall in one bag! View
paradise island King Edward VII School we are making jewelry and maybe some cupcakes to go with them an if you buy a cupcake you get a jewelry free View
Wintercraft Tapton School A variety of cards for different occasions and some winter-related crafts. View
Space Co King Edward VII School Our idea is to sell a range of space- themed items including scrunchies, necklaces and bookmarks. View
hot coco Forge Valley Community School instant hot chocolate View
Beads n stuff Sheffield High School We are going to sell jewelry made out of various types of beads and we are also going to sell resin items. View
norwegian waffles King Edward VII School its norwegian waffles and there is amini toy shop to View
Rainbow Resin Handsworth Grange Community Sports College We make stylish and customizable resin products which are affordable to all and handmade by us. View
Key lets Firth Park Community Arts College We will create unique, homemade keyrings with quotes and friendship bracelets that will be sold in little bags View
the yellow boutiqe Forge Valley Community School we want to sell candles, bracelets and paintings. I know that if we get a chance we will not disappoint you. we will sell handmade products to people who might need to get people christmas presents and things for other people. View
Sew good for the planet Meadowhead School My business idea is to make and sell hand stitched eco friendly products to replace single use items that would other wise be discarded for example reusable facemasks sandwich raps and makeup remover. where possible I will use locally bought fabric which will help support local businesses and reduce the carbon foot print through lower shipping miles. On my stall along side the item I will write how it helps the planet. View
Lazi Daisy King Edward VII School Engraved, customised and personalised keychains, stationary, home decor, bookmarks, coasters and more (mostly sold online) We may also end up doing chopping boards, photo frames and possibly collar tags too! Our products will be made from upcycled materials. WE are constantly expanding our range of ideas, however these are the main few. View
Toteally Music Sheffield High School Tote bags and Spotify scanners View
SelfCare Sunday Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Well-being boxes catered to mental health and customers. These could be towards women who are in need- sanitary supplies etc. Or boys who struggle to reach out and are in need of support. These boxes are personalised to make you feel relaxed and have a stress free time. Boxes include candles, handmade warmth packs and more. View
Winterworks Tapton School We are now making handmade custom crochet keyrings!! To order go to our insta (winterworks2022) and DM what type of keyring(s) you would like. And we will then give you the details of your order. We are still making a variety of original cards for different occasions such as Christmas, birthday, greeting etc. You can find us on Instagram by searching winterworks2022 View
C K King Edward VII School Crochet and knitted products such as plushies, accessories and decor. View
The Pet Market Meadowhead School Our business idea is to sell dog and cat food, treats and accessories. We plan to give 25% of our profits to the RSPCA. View

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