Team List

Team list

Team name School Business Idea Link
Premier Prime Forge Valley School To make football competitions to win prizes. View
YY Candles Meadowhead School our ideas is to sell fun candles with different sents and colour's using recycled materials such as glass containers. we will aslo make seasonall candles and we will make them in different shapes and sizes. We are also going to make packs which include different candles with a thankyou cards for everyone. we will sell our candles in paper bags so it is recylcleable. Thankyou, Y&Y Candles View
trio trinkets Meadowhead School we will do cute christmas craft and jewllery.Aswell as this we will do a raffle 2 lucky people could win a christmas cozy hamper and there will be 3 other lucky winners that can choose a necklace or bracelet for free. View
Nexus Mystery Bags Yewlands Technology College To create mystery bags and sell them to the local community. There interest will be bought by having to gamble on if the bags contents will be worth more than they paid or less than they paid for the bags. View
GrubMaster Industries King Edward VII School My shop sells small figurines (grubs) that I have made out of quick dry clay. I also take orders to make custom figures or customised grubs. View
TUTTIES BRACELETS King Edward VII School Making bracelets out of beads View
Amazing Baking Forge Valley School Baking small treats that are delicious and only costing £1. View
F00D IS POWER King Edward VII School We plan to sell cakes, cookies and drinks outside a school and just outside a park. View
The Unbreakable Lanyard Co King Edward VII School The business sells tough lanyards made of paracord, which are handmade by one of the team. The lanyards come in lots of different colours and have a quick release clip. View
Miniature Crafts King Edward VII School We are going to be selling lots of different crafts like recycled paper notebooks, cards with quilling on them and fimo keyrings as well as cookies or cup cakes and painted rocks. View
Code Crafty Forge Valley School We are going to sell: Pompoms and tassels on keyrings and baked goods like buns and cookies. We are planning to also have a bun decorating activity for anyone who wants a unique bun customized by themselves. View
By The Sea High Storrs School Our business idea is that we will be selling decoupage trinket shells in fairs, markets and on social media (such as TikTok and Instagram). View
Sweet Shop Inc Newfield School find bulk bargains of sweets for cheap sell them as gift baskets make profit View
DaisyDesigns King Edward VII School Sticker bundles, arts and crafts, baking and many of our other products such as clay creations. View
Special Rings Sheffield High School In our business, we will be doing resin keychains. fill with glitter and other decorations. And different types of shapes. View
Birley Supersellers Birley Community College Making celebration based cakes View
1000 Angels and 1000 Milkshakes Chaucer School So some of random people might come after jogging or like after being tired they might come drink my milkshakes. (maybe)… View
Pet Prints Tapton School Customisable pet merchandise such keyrings, mugs, pillows and phone cases. View
salman and abbas design All Saints Catholic High School samosas View
Kreative Kids King Edward VII School Handmade fruit key chains and unique glass art for keyrings, necklaces and other jewellery. View
Totes4you Meadowhead School Our business idea is called "Totes4you", we will be selling tote bags and pencil cases customized by us using fabric pens and paints. We will create multiple designs. For example, fruits, flowers, multiple Christmas designs. We are going to create many themes so there is something for everyone. View
PetsUnleashed Sheffield High School We have an idea of creating handmade dog accessories, this includes dog bandanas and bows and other accessories for small and big dogs. The bandanas will slip on to dog collars and will be one size, so not made to measure, and will be funky designs, including christmas and bright colours. View
Money makerz Newfield School We are going to make food and sell it View
splash of colour Forge Valley School We sell customised and personalised water bottles they are metal to be environmentally friendly. we print peoples names on the bottles as well as hydro-dipping them. View
SimplyFudge King Edward VII School At SimplyFudge We create a variety of fudge and make it with fun! The softest, most delicious fudge will be made with care and precision, we will also make themed fudge eg: Christmas themed. View
the alternate Hinde House School customized hoodies jewellery sweets key chains View
Best Friend Bracelets Yewlands Technology College Make pairs of friendship bracelets for best friends View
Bath Beauties High Storrs School We are selling hand crafted eco friendly candles, Body scrubs, lip scrubs and soap bars all hand made. View
A Slice Of Heaven Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Our enthusiastic team are a group of young people with entrepreneurial mindset in hope to become a successful bakery business. Another dream is to inspire other young people or people that feel that they are good enough that there are no limits in which you can do you something you love and enjoy to become successful. In addition to that to remind them anything you put your mind to it your able to do if are determined and resilient enough. View
Sweet Treats King Edward VII School We are selling cakepops, stickers and keychains. View
Krafty Kids Westfield School We have an embroidery sewing machine. We want to sell personalised T-shirts, Hoodies, Baby Bibs, baby towels and flannels. For something else, we are also selling personalised bottles with a Cricut. View
Milly and Evie makes Newfield School Simple craft kits selling at £2;50. The kits will involve plane making and more! we will also be selling ecofriendly scrunchies that have been homemade from old clothes for £1.50-£2.00. We will also be donating 10-20% of our profits to the action for children charity to help vulnerable children and their families with practical and emotional support. View
Paws and Claws King Edward VII School Homemade pet supplies for many pets: dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. View
Tea chers pet Birley Community College Providing a service after school for teachers View
Double Js Westfield School Art - we will be selling drawing of anything people ask for. View
Charmed Sheffield High School We would like to sell colourful and personalised beaded phone charms, which are a fun and cute decoration for people to decorate their phone cases with. We will also make themed and festive ones. View
Sweets And Chocolates from Atiqah King Edward VII School I will sell sweets and chocolates View
Tote ally bags Newfield School eco friendly reuseable tote bags with festive designs hand screen printed on washable View
Birley Enterprises Birley Community College Food, drinks, clothing, accessories and crafts! View
Gifts Galore Meadowhead School Our business idea is, we will be selling customized tote bags (Designs may include: Cartoons, Pastel patterns and doodles) , as well as handmade, beaded jewelry in many colors. These items can be personalized if an order is made. We will also be doing a raffle for sweets and some of our products. There will be an allergy warning for the sweets. We will also be doing a lucky dip with sweets. View
Team Cultural Newfield School Selling Cultural foods to people View
Toteally Bags Sheffield High School Tote-Ally Bags offers tote-bags that you can customise with anything you like or just a regular tote-bag with a cool design. They are made of sustainable and eco friendly materials and are reusable. View
beanzandmayo Newfield School Christmas/birthday/seasonal etc cards made out of seed paper, eco- friendly and plantable! Part of our earnings will go to charity if possible View
Raspberry King Edward VII School We want to collect and recycle jewellery from charity shops and previous homes, and use their beads to create handmade jewellery (mainly earrings) View
Sticker Sisters Westfield School Custom Stickers, Planner stickers and work stickers. View
Plants and Pots King Edward VII School To sell plants, recycled decorated plant pots, macrame and bracelets/ accessories and many more homemade and recycled things. View
Cali Jewels Handsworth Grange Community Sports College A hardworking team of 4, handmaking unique jewellery such as rings and bracelets. Made for everyone; very inclusive and comfortable. We also make candles, with delightful scents as a perfect gift. View
Your choc Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Hi everyone, Our business plan is to create small sachets of hot chocolate with a selection of toppings of the customer's choosing which could be: -marshmallows -cinnamon -rainbow/chocolate sprinkles -crushed digestive biscuits Thank you, Neve Summerfield and Jade Winslade. View
Totes Amaze Meadowhead School We sell tie-dye tote bags with different patterns and colours. We also sell small badges to but of the tote bags that are different styles. Other than that, we are also selling vegetarian and gluten free sweets. View
Scrub A Dub Dub Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Our business idea is to make and sell mini soap in the shape of flowers and hearts. They will be natural and vegan they will be sold in groups of 5 and a random scent and colour will be added to each mini soap they will be sold for £1.50. The colours and scents will be strong when you buy a box of soap it will be like a mystery and it would be fun to guess the scents that we have put in the soap. Our soaps would be a colourful touch to your bathroom and the scents would fill up the room. View
JJ Jewelry Sheffield High School we are going to be making beaded bracelets and other string kinds of jewelry for children aged 9-13 , some products will be based on older children and the same for the younger children. View
hook line and twinkle King Edward VII School Hand made fun jewellery and accessories. Most things will be made out of epoxy resin or polymer clay. View
pink lemon Newfield School jewellery View
Lori and Ro Sheffield High School I will sell badges created by me on my home badge maker. They will be produced in sets of 4 similar designs on a postcard. I will also explore more ideas with pronoun badges for diversity and doing alphabets for people to pick out their names. View
LR designs Handsworth Grange Community Sports College We are selling hand-crafted macrame gifts and keychains. Anyone looking for a nice piece to finish of a room? View
Tapton Team 1 Tapton School Not sure yet View
gloss u up Sheffield High School what we sell - skin care and lip care, Looking good feeling good View
CrystalBeads Handsworth Grange Community Sports College I will be using clay beads and crystals to make jewellery this is made for everyone! I will be making different design's and all different colours will be used! View
Frogs like Pride Forge Valley School Our idea is merchandise such as notebooks and stickers featuring frogs and LGBTQ+ themes. View
The Seasonal Sellers Meadowhead School Are idea is to sell mini gift boxes that are themed around seasons that we are in that include seasonal cards, clip-on earrings, fimo figures based of the cards, a mystery season Cracker with a joke or a gift in it. All these can vary in appearance of a different color. And some things can be sold separately. View
the baking bunch Chaucer School we are selling baking View
Wood and wool King Edward VII School Wool & Wood Accessories View
Birley Celebration cards and gifts Birley Community College Celebration (Christmas, Birthday and Valentines) cards and gifts with little suprises inside e.g. wildflower seeds or balloons in the card View
Crochet Creations Meadowhead School Our idea is to crochet animals, these specific animals have been affected by human activity, such as pollution. Each animal comes with a different fact to spread awareness about human's impact on the planet. These toys are made with very soft yarn that just adds to the cuteness! They are very good with young audiences and would make a cute present. They come in many different forms such as key rings. View
Sweet Life Meadowhead School our business is about giving people a great deal in price and a great deal in flavor. We hope to be cheap and good quality. Also we hope to make lots of people happy because we are selling things that you wont be able to buy at the regular shop. View
Blep High Storrs School We are making Plastic Keychains that we make big and heat them to make them smaller, thicker and more durable. View
buzzy bees Meadowhead School The business is a phone charm business, were we make phone charms, for your phone add them on to the case and have a handle for your phone so you never drop it. View
HTA King Edward VII School We are going to get a spinning wheel.1 spin for 80p and 2 spins for 1 pound. there will be prizes such as cookies, donuts, cakes, and more. There will also be forfeits including being sprayed with water or smashing a pie into your face. Further, in the challenge, we will add some complimentary keyrings and stickers. View
Soap Scentral Sheffield High School We are making home made, cruelty-free soaps View
Woodland Resin Other We are going to make resin art with natural materials. We are going to do several half yellow and half blue, to represent a Ukrainian flag. We will give ten percent of our profit to a charity that will support Ukraine, in this time of crisis. We want to make resin art as no two products will be exactly the same making each purchase unique and individual, making sure each customer is happy with what they have brought. View
Macrame Mates King Edward VII School Our business is called Macrame Mates. Our idea is to make aesthetic room decor sustainable. Our room decor will come in boxes that have a couple of cool freebies in them. These freebies will include tealight candles, lip balms and some cute stickers. We hope to sell our products through an Etsy page and we will advertise on multiple social media platforms. Our product will mainly include Macrame plant hanging baskets. If a customer spends over a certain price in their order, extra freebies will be added to their package. View
Utopia Sheffield High School Our business idea is care boxes which will include bath bombs, necklaces lip scrub and much more! We have created these boxes for all ages and all occasions. View
CocoaSlabs Firth Park Academy Gift wrap chocolate slabs that we have made by melting down chocolate and freezing it. We will add toppings and icing on some. View
Birley Pindles Birley Community College Creating Pins and Badges out of recycled materials! View
celebration nation Forge Valley School christmas, halloween and other holiday themes decorations View
Little Leaves King Edward VII School We will be selling a variety of plant species ranging from spider plants and other house plants to cactus and succulents. We will also be marketing plenty of crafts including crocheted flowers, macrame plant hangers, felted cacti, cookies, whittled animals, epoxy resin flowers and finally plant themed earrings and cards. View
LGC King Edward VII School Making mini pieces of abstract artwork View
The gift givers Meadowhead School The idea is a gift bag might contain Diamond painting,cool bags can be custamizable View
3D Designs King Edward VII School Personalised 3D printed accessories for tabletop gaming. View
Beads4life Meadowhead School Jewelry made out of bead and bead strings for phone cases . View
Eco petzzzz Tapton School Pet accessories like band and that Mach headbands cat/dog toys and dog collers made out of eco materials ect. View
Craft Blast Company King Edward VII School Our business idea is to share our wide range of products and ideas, including intricate resin designs, customisable jewellery, pin badges, and much much more! View
NE waxmelts Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Our business idea is to sell wax melts. There will be a variety of different colours and scents. We will create bundles and mystery bags, people would be able to buy wax melts separately. View
JLD Forge Valley School We will make sweet cones and chocolate cookies, decorated with piped icing. View
JMAT Paws Meadowhead School We walk dogs in our areas Gleadless, Lowedges, Greenhill, Hutcliffe, Norton and Jordanthorpe. View
jurelly and sweets Meadowhead School I will be makeing jurwell . And I will make sure I will use rsikling stuff like plastic and others and if you buy it for a other poson you will get it raped up and if you buy one you will get a sbag of sweets of your choese and the pack it will be made out of rsikling as will. View
Pose Newfield School Selling photos of the sheffield skyline View
Made 4 Money Hinde House School Making keychains and bracelets. View
Embracelets Sheffield High School We make friendship bracelets using embroidery thread View
ARTY PARTY PARKWOOD Parkwood Academy Our team will be creating postcards for sale. The art we create will celebrate and promote diversity and culture within the city of Sheffield. We will look at using bright and interesting techniques to attract the eye. View
Birley DTS Birley Community College Making international snacks View
wick works Newfield School Homemade scented candles using recycled jars with messages inside View
I sell You buy Meadowhead School My business idea is to buy toys, books and anything else interesting online. I may sell online but I will mostly be doing around the area in which I live in. I will design posters and hyang them on trees and lamp posts. View
Planet Pin Hinde House School We are finding and recycling bottle cap lids and turning them into fashionable pins. View
Birley Koo Koo Kandles Birley Community College Making candles with something e.g. money, hidden inside View
Candles and Cakes Tapton School Candles and baking View
Green Leaf Soap Forge Valley School I'm going to be making organic soap I will be using the different events to make my products different. I will not be using lye as it is harmful to skin and parts of your body when making your soap. I will be using different spices and fragrances to flavour my soap. I will be using all of the money to make my soap but if I sell it for £3 each then I will be making £30 profit every time I sell it all. View
Ohh Fudge Forge Valley School fudge, chocolate and sugary treats that can please all View
kt clothings Newfield School invertiable tshirts View
LGC Abstract mini art King Edward VII School Mini pieces of abstract art View
Birley Twilight Crafts Birley Community College Creating crafts and bodycare products e.g. lip scrubs and bathbombs View
Strings and things Meadowhead School Colorful and stylish paracord bracelets and keychains shaped like people. View
Curiosity King Edward VII School Washi tape pallet coasters and delicious cookies View
The Cupcake Factory Newfield School Our idea is a cupcake and muffin shop with a flavour for everyone. We will also cater for gluten free and vegan members of the public. All bakes will be made sustainably and also aesthetically pleasing. View
dynamic duo Newfield School sweet bags /cones sell rthem for 1.50/2.00 View
good munch Forge Valley School my business idea is baking sweet treats (cookie slabs) its can be served as a gift or just for your self and it will have your favourite chocolates in View
Crafts and cookies King Edward VII School cookies and crafts is a buissness where we make what people want View
Zac Hartley Westfield School I want to clean cars for people. Inside valet £10 Full valet £20 View
The Scent Stand Tapton School Candles View
Dribbling sweet and cookies All Saints Catholic High School To Sell cookies and sweets to different type of people .also halal sweets View
BubbleDucks Meadowhead School Our business consists of making and selling food and dessert scented bath bombs and soap bars. We will handmake these with safe products, in a clean environment. All these ingredients will be listed on the back of the package to prevent allergic reactions. Our products are uniquely scented and decorated to give people an enjoyable aroma. We will aim to give our customers the best product possible. View
Keyring Kachow Sheffield High School Buying separate parts for keyrings, putting them together and selling them for money. View
The Candy Masters Forge Valley School We are a business here to sell candy to students in forge valley. View
Mz Sweet Scents King Edward VII School I am going to make lip scrubs lip balms and Mini perfumes that I will make myself View
The Dynamic Duo Westfield School We will be selling bracelets, necklaces, jumbo poppits and pokémon cards that are very good. View
The Yellow Boutique Forge Valley School The Yellow Boutique is a sustainable, home decor business and have great products to give as gifts. We are an all inclusive business for example our business name is a non gender associated colour. Last year we sold: candles, bracelets, wax melts, paintings, plant terrariums. And cant wait to show you what else we have in store! View
candles and co Forge Valley School Wax melts , candles , body ad lip scrub , keyrings, gift sets wax melt and burner sets View
Cakes and Candles King Edward VII School We will be selling our scented and unscented candles as well as a selection of cakes and bakes across the duration of the year. View
Kozy Fox High Storrs School We are going to sell candles, lavender bags, wooden coasters, knitted scarves and more! View
ArtsyCrafters Forge Valley School We will be making a range of crafts items. This will include, bracelets, crochet bees and also cards made by hand. There is a possibility of making little sweet bags too. View
Bubbles King Edward VII School - Handcrafted eco-friendly soaps & lip balm ( + other body products) View
The fantastics Newfield School We would like to make bracelets and other accessories! View
DIY aauthentic King Edward VII School We sell diy kits crafts life back books and more. View
the jewellers Firth Park Academy we are selling jewellery View
Charming by Ada King Edward VII School Jewellery making using, where possible, sustainable sources of gemstones and fittings. View
Festive Fun Westfield School Christmas decorations, personalised baubles. View
slay gift shop Westfield School Gifts ( raffle tickets, Christmas gifts and wax melts. Home made bath bombs ,pillows and cards. All with good prices so head on down to slay gift shop.We normally come to sell of Wednesdays or Thursdays so come and have good luck! View
omzzys King Edward VII School Sweets drinks View
Tiny Trinkets Yewlands Technology College We make 3d printed objects ,bead bracelets and pick n mix bags these are all environmentally friendly, so no animals are harmed in the process of making these fine goods. View
Arty facts King Edward VII School We will be selling many cool arty stuff such as Canvas paintings Calligraphy words Crochet View
Eco randoms 1 King Edward VII School We will make resicled snow globes, pins and much more View
Birley Cosmic Crafts Birley Community College Moon and Stars themed crafts View
Craft and Co Forge Valley School Hey! What’s your favourite colour? Ours is green! Anyhow we’re selling scrunchies, jewellery, wax melts, dried flower wreaths and cards! We’re having a blast doing this hope you are too? We also made Breast Cancer Awareness Wax melts where 50% of the profit from them goes to charity! Check our insta: craftandcocraftsx View
Modern Scent Sheffield High School We are planning to do gonks up until christmas, candles and scented bags through the whole year. We will customize our candles depending on the season and we potentially could make git sets for christmas. View
TheCrystalJewelss Handsworth Grange Community Sports College Our business is a female teen run business.We will be selling crystal jewellery such as crystal earring, rings and more.We are young entrepreneurs who will put 110% effort into every order we get.We aim to to inspire other young teens like ourselves to go out side of their comfort zone to try something new.We will work collaboratively together to make sure our business is thriving in every way possible.We will also keep up to date with our finances so we know how much profit our business is making and also how much stock we have and what stock we need to re purchased again.We also have set up social media accounts to advertise and display our products to a wider audience.All of our social media accounts will be managed and kept up to date with.We have designed a logo that which fits our business and products well.We hope to continue this business on even after the Big Challenge. View
The Crafty Cafe Forge Valley School The Crafty Cafe is a business idea where we sell delicious cakes, treats, warm drinks and crafts! View
Krafts with cookies King Edward VII School we understand that we have a tough competition with the other team our products are for everyone and everything is homemade View
Zodiac Emporium Handsworth Grange Community Sports College My business would be to make a variety of baked goods and artistic crafts based upon astrology meaning zodiac signs, how we will present this is on each baked good or artistic craft we create it will have an aspect on the zodiac signs. For example, we'll craft dreamcatchers so on each one it might portray a characteristic of the signs or the name of the sign to really show the idea. View
TDA King Edward VII School We are going to make tie dye items such as, scrunchies and shirts. We will also make fimo key rings. The 'T' stands for tie the 'D' stands for die and the 'A' stands for and accessories. View
cookies and candles King Edward VII School soaps, candles, baking, macrames/plant hangers, dried fruit plant cosies lip balms, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and lip glosses etc. View
Yum Jar Bakes King Edward VII School Our business will be doing different food items (Cookies, brownies…ext) but all the dry ingredients will be layered in a jar which will be cnicely decorated. View
Cupid Accessories Sheffield High School We will be selling accessories that are currently trendy. This will include necklaces, claw clips earrings and scrunchies. View
Torched views Holgate Meadows School   I am promoting images online through redbubble which are being transferred onto objects such as cushions and mugs to be sold. For this I currently earn a small percentage of the profit made. With the start-up money of £25 I want to buy resources to create my own items such as cards with the photos/images I am creating and sell these at fayres and stalls. View
galactic geodes King Edward VII School We are going to make painted D&D dice, bracelets, badges, a couple of fidgets and Pom-Pom keyrings View
ZipZap Meadowhead School Our buisness idea will be DIY stickers. Then we will build our buisness when we get bigger. View
The Loxley Sweeties Westfield School Selling sweets. View
DC figets Chaucer School When your board or you figet a lot you can by figets and we would sell you some and we will have mistery ones as well View
CB Soaps High Storrs School Handmade Luxury soaps in many scents. All our soaps will be made from ethically sourced ingredients and contain high quality essential oils. View
Accessory CO King Edward VII School We are going to sell keyrings, pin badeges, cards and Christmas decorations out of hama beads. View
Leonards Designs High Storrs School Re-designing second hand phone cases, based around our originally designed character Leonard The Frog and reselling them to be used again. View
Little Bags Of Sunshine Sheffield High School Bags of self care products (mystery bags) View
Woodland Craft King Edward VII School We will be making and selling pretty much anything made out of wood. Our ideas so far are wooden animals, toy bow and arrows, wooden mini knives and key rings. In addition to the wooden things, we will also sell quick release paracord bracelets, Lino printed nature themed cards and much more. As a team, we aim to be as eco friendly as possible. View
Recordz Yewlands Technology College Upcycleing records View
Sugar Cartel Chaucer School We are going to buy and then sell all different types of sweets, biscuits chocolates and cakes in mix and match bags. We will also sell some in the packaging that they came in. View
Batman Capybara 69 Westfield School We will be making 3d images of capybara, we will make small medium and large. View
The Trio Westfield School To have a lucky dip sweet stall. Lucky sweets will have nice ones,(Parma violets) unlucky sweets will have, dark liquorice or Turkish delight. View
Berries and Cream Newfield School Cupcakes View
Engage Newfield School Santa's lodge sweet treats for Christmas. Young children will have the exciting opportunity to meet Santa, design personalised Christmas cards whilst indulging on a luxurious hot chocolate. Simultaneously, will provide high quality Christmas party bags with Christmas treats. View
Ethnic Makers Firth Park Academy Don't you just LOVE bracelets, especially a variety of colours, well here at ethnic makers our bracelets are *mwah*. a range of colours and patterns to choose from at a very cheap price woahhhhhh. so come a check it out there is something for everyone. and for those with a sweet tooth, don't you just crave some candyfloss. Or what about some cupcakes. View
Deoxyribonucleic acid King Edward VII School Anatomy models (made by clay). Science projects-put put boat, motors, or one you need done for homework View
Prime Team Newfield School Origami View
Peachies Phone Cases High Storrs School Our business idea is to sell cute and practical phone cases, for iphones. View
Fuzzy felts King Edward VII School Custom book marks, Christmas decorations made of felt View
Evas and Stefis Jewellery Newfield School Bracelets, necklaces, key rings, and more! View
Birley Stress Savers Birley Community College Stress Relieving packages e.g. candles, baked goods, stress toys View
Smelly Stuff Company Forge Valley School Making home made candles and wax melts to sell. Different scents and colours and a stylish tin. View
Lira creative collision King Edward VII School We will be selling baked goods, and arts and crafts products such a dream catchers, purses, and hair clips. All of our products will be made with care, and time and because Christmas is around the corner, we may be selling Christmas themed stuff View
Eagles Seven Hills School friendship bracelets/bands View
The Upcyclers Tapton School A mix of clothing, candles and jewellery to start. Potentially shoes later on. Also some hand made bags. View
All that glitter King Edward VII School A little box with accessories. It’s a little homemade box made out of cardboard View
Blissful bites King Edward VII School I will be making Cookies and Brownies and some other stuff View
hand made by Grace Elizabeth Forge Valley School hand made jewellery of all kinds <3 View
Puffins Seven Hills School Friendship bracelets/ bands View
Super Smoothies Handsworth Grange Community Sports College We want to sell our homemade cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baking as well as smoothie shots in a variety of flavours. We think people would like our ideas as they are unique and delicious! Our target market is people of all ages but mostly at the place where we sell. View
brownie bytes Newfield School to sell sweet treats that can be given as gifts View
foodie keyrings King Edward VII School handmade keyrings of different types of food so its inclusive. View
Eco Melts Tapton School Charmed candles and cards View
Soaper Duper Newfield School Selling handmade soap in a wide variety of scent combinations, including orange, peppermint, tea tree and lavender. Each will be individually crafted, packaged, and adorned with flowers, sugar crystals, etc. 15%-20% of our profit will be donated to, a charity dedicated to fighting period poverty. Our target market is young adults and above, and our marketing will reflect this. View
Owls Seven Hills School friendship bracelets/band View
Dream Team Becton School We are making Christmas gifts to sell at our School Christmas fair. View
Sweets and chocolates by Atiqah King Edward VII School I will sell sweets and chocolates View
Socks With Soul High Storrs School Our business will make unique, one of a kind, tie-dye socks. View
Proper Poppers Tapton School Gourmet Popcorn View
Fabulousa Forge Valley School nevaeh- candles/sweets sally-lip scrubs/lip balms minnie- posters miley- bath bombs mae- jewellery View
Team Munchies Firth Park Academy We are selling boxes of egg fried rice and we will make sure none goes to waste. There is also optional drinks and treats. View
Scrappy Scrunchies King Edward VII School I will make scrunchies for people to wear around there arm or tie there hair and i will make them look nice and decorated View

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