Team name School Business Idea Link
Stickers and Cards to go Yewlands Academy Stickers and cards View
Kildys fabrics King Edward VII School Fabrics and accessories. From baby’s to dogs. Bandanas to scrunchies and bracelets to soap. View
Croc o clock Sheffield High School We sell croc charms,all different shapes and sizes we also personalised ones.We do seasonal bundles View
the tool box UTC Sheffield City Centre To sell everything from decor, toys and tools View
pins and things Hinde House School We are selling branded (kenji) pens and stickers etc ... we want to make people smile and fill their day with joy ! View
The Randoms King Edward VII School We sell home made, high quality gifts that are the perfect gifts for children, teenagers and adults. View
My furry friend and me Yewlands Academy With our business you can enjoy a delicious treat while not excluding your dog! Aren't you sick of them dodgy eyes? So cute but so mischievous! Leave you, your bank and stomachs satisfied. We are here to help your dog discover new flavours, and new experiences like never before. We all deserve a treat, even our furry friends. View
Crochet and co King Edward VII School Crochet keychains and other handmade accessories View
livellaz sweetz Forge Valley School selling sweet cones to people for any occcasion View
GlassIt King Edward VII School We are going to be making things using glass bottles and jars. We are going to make lots of items such as ships in bottles, bottle table decorations and snow globes. View
O and E Forge Valley School We can sell origami and equipment as I am very good at making origami and we think that many people will need equipment because people are always losing stuff. View
The blobers King Edward VII School Clay miniatures, stickers, resin items and cosplay tails. View
Gremlins Gems King Edward VII School Crystal and sea glass jewellery View
Jar It 1 Sheffield High School Our business idea is to make baking easier. We make baking jars and the only thing that you need to add is eggs and butter. Our jars make brownies,blondes and choc chip cookies. View
Splat Hinde House School We have decided to use hot glue guns to decorate and create fashionable cheap and creative accessories such as keyrings, rings, phone cases and pins etc. View
The Sugar Sanctuary King Edward VII School We will be selling sour candy and sweets View
Beadedbyus Yewlands Academy Home-made fidget bracelets, to help students to concentrate in lessons. View
Brilliant Buttons Newfield School Brilliant Buttons create fantastic Christmas decorations to make your tree look the best it can. We specialise in making Christmas trees, Snowmen and Angels out of buttons for people to enjoy. As well as this, we incorporate recycled tetra packs for the base of the design and angel wings to form sustainable business model. We will also sell spectacular earrings to contribute toward profits which we will reinvest into the business. After the festive season we will create Halloween and Easter ornaments on top of birthday cards. we are brilliant buttons and we hope you enjoy our business model. View
Cookies and Coasters King Edward VII School Selling decorated seasonal cookies and customised coasters. View
NDM Bracelet boutique Yewlands Academy We make bracelets which include beaded, loom band, string/ wool and leather! View
Shoe crew sole supplies King Edward VII School We will be selling bags, purses, and and items made of old shoes. we are also trying to make everything eco friendly. View
Lucky cat King Edward VII School We will be selling Diy making kit Candles crochet things and more View
Super CD art High Storrs School We will be selling eco friendly, colourful CDs to decorate your home. They can also be used as coasters for your drinks. They are recycled and painted with top quality paint pens. You will be able to buy them with cd boxes or a pretty recyclable packaging. View
SHS Pets Newfield School We want to design and provide accessories for pet owners and pets.Get them involved in the seasonal festivities or a little something from love. We will design neckerchief available for any occasion. View
7DP1 Bents Green School . View
Sugar Rush King Edward VII School We are going to make several different sweet treats for everybody to enjoy. Whether that's delicious, melting brownies, a perfect pick and mix or even some cracking cookies, if you want it we will have it. View
Every Frame Is Awesome King Edward VII School I will be making Lego Figure storage frames, by adapting high quality deep set picture frames, and Lego bricks stuck inside good quality backing boards in order for Lego Figures to be displayed. ''EVERY FRAME IS AWESOME!" The frames are 25 x 25 deep set, and very luxurious and robust. The backing board has been specially selected for supporting structures and the bricks are legit Lego. Lego figures not included. £15 for large frame which can store 12 Lego figures, black or white frames, can customize or request any sequences of block colours. The blocks are designed so we can remove figures and arrange as we like. The frames come with clear plastic cover to keep figures dust free, which is optional to use. View
Kal Arts King Edward VII School We sell bakes such as cookies and flapjacks ,We also sell stickers ,bracelets and slime View
Beauties and the beads Meadowhead School Its a small jewelry business where we sell Many different types off bracelets , earrings , keyrings and phone charms in many different styles for everyone View
Crocstars Hinde House School Me and my group mates are selling croc charms and key rings. These are for boys and girl. They will look good on yours crocs and are a good investment for you!!! View
cookies and cream creations Forge Valley School we are selling sweet treats including sweet cones cupcakes chocolate salami (a Portuguese sweet) View
8VA2 Bents Green School . View
The Everything Emporium King Edward VII School We will be selling a wide range of items that will appeal to many different customers such as food, crafts, art and more View
C and C cakes and crafts Newfield School We would be making Christmas themed decorations for example there are decorative Christmas trees that we will be selling along with decorative for the cakes part we will be making cupcakes and if you have a sticker on the bottom you win a prize. We will also be making triple chocolate cookies in the form of Christmas puddings along with edible Christmas tree decorations View
Strawberries King Edward VII School We will be Gems Stickers Jewelry's View
Bee Green Ecocrafts King Edward VII School ‘Bee Green’ Eco-crafts aims to make Sheffield a cleaner, greener, and more eco-friendly place, as well as to encourage students to show more interest in the environment and appreciate the value of nature. Out of recyclable, used material or natural resources, I make artsy nature-themed crafts such as birdfeeders, insect feeders and hotels, plant pots, seed bombs, cards, and wall-hangings. I go for litter picking in my neighborhood, and from the rubbish I pick, I create crafts that attract wildlife to Sheffield’s neighborhoods and help its flora and fauna. Low cost, aesthetic value, environmentally consciousness! View
Amazing tea towels Newfield School We will be selling tea towels with screen printed designs that we will sell for £3.00 View
Crafty Cherry High Storrs School We will make jewlery, crochet stuff and stuffed toys/plushies. We will also make stickers View
Frostbite Frostings Forge Valley School We are planning to put all our attention on baking, although we are thinking of doing other things for special events. For example, homemade Christmas cards, Easter cards and for Valentines day, artificial roses (We know this will make quite some prophet in secondary). View
The perfecters Hinde House School We want to make many varieties of bookmarks with different types of art, details, designs and patterns. Our bookmarks will be aimed at younger readers/audiences. Our prices will be based off of the quality and the time spent on our bookmarks. The designs will be based off of our ideas and imagination. View
SJ Jewels Sheffield High School Handmade beaded Bracelet business View
SJ Beauty Sheffield High School To help boost girl's confidence with beauty products, jewellery and skincare. We think we will sell quite a lot as our school is an all girls school, and these are very popular amongst teenage girls. View
Raspberries Newfield School Our business idea is that we will sell homemade cute, trendy bracelets, phone charms and keyrings. They will be ideal as small gifts and stocking fillers. View
Rings and Things King Edward VII School We will be using beads and wire to make rings and earrings and clay for decorative dishes and pins. We will also be making many other things! We are looking forward to putting our creative capabilities to work and improving our year nine experience with this fun business opportunity. The school Christmas and Moor market is where we are hoping to sell our products. View
Sugar Sweet Treats Forge Valley School We will sell freshly baked chocolates in packets (we will have different flavours for allergies ect..) with little bit of biscuits or different pieces of chocolate. Also we will sell marshmallows and strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain (we will let the customer dip it in the chocolate). We will also sell bagged sweets out of cones. View
Bellas Candles Forge Valley School To sell candles scented and unscented which are homemade. The candles will be available as either stand alone or in jars. View
cakes and baked Silverdale School A baking business with brownies and cupcakes and other delicious sweet treats View
Scented secrets Meadowhead School Customized candles.jewelery pick and mixes.raffle (you get a candle and pick and mix)and to add a sweet smell to your life Slogan- sweet and smelly View
Sofias treasure box King Edward VII School Christmas jewellery plaques and treats View
Strings And Things Newfield School We will be making and selling handmade friendship bracelets made of string at faires and market stalls. All of us will be making the bracelets and the work will be split evenly. View
zedys King Edward VII School Scrunchies, Keyrings and Snoods View
Scent from Heaven Silverdale School We are going to make candles. View
Football PS5 Bents Green School . View
7DP2 Bents Green School . View
The blood hearts betrayal Bents Green School . View
Waxes candle melts company Bents Green School Wax melts and candles View
Divina King Edward VII School Bracelets, earrings and necklaces View
Goodies by Gracie King Edward VII School Bag of ingredients for ready to make cookies and cakes gift wrapped. The purchaser would just need to add melted butter. I will be selling these for around £2.50 but maybe a little more for Christmas fayres etc. View
Glossboss King Edward VII School I sell lip glosses and lip balmes as well as other beauty items. View
Bees Woolery Silverdale School Our business is selling knitted and crocheted item such as little bees ,bears,scarfs and more at markets and other platforms View
SJ J3wels Sheffield High School Bracelet business but it's different as we base it off themes, albums, movies etc. View
The world of sillymix Chaucer School we are going to sell braclets and baking cookies,brownies,cupcakes and sweet bags, also we will be doing bundles with some stuff in.the prices will range from 50p-£5 or more as we get more popular over the year View
Magpies High Storrs School We will make magnets using retro bottle caps, pebbles, & paint. We'll also take photos in the peak district and put them in mini plastic frames and attach them to magnets. We'll add magnets to every product we make. View
Plant and Art King Edward VII School We will sell herbs and pictures (lino, watercolour, sketch) of them. View
Comet Comics Bents Green School . View
Beauty by RNM King Edward VII School We are making lip balms in pretty colours and flavours! All the girls have been getting into make-up. This is a great marketing step to knowing our buyers. The lip balms will be prized at 1.50 each, and are easy and reasonably cheap to make. They come in tubes of 5g and are easy to be carried in women's small handbags. View
Bejeweled King Edward VII School We will do: Jewellery baking accessories View
crumbling cookies and more King Edward VII School baking cookies, cupcakes and traybakes. Selling at school, drama rehearsals and street stalls. may be serving tea and coffee. View
The blank canvas King Edward VII School Tie dye clothes, accessories, baked goods, and minor cosmetics.. eg bath bombs. View
Diamond art by dd Meadowhead School diamond art keyrings, ornament's, bookmarks and coasters View
Lucky Charms King Edward VII School Handmade jewellery and confections View
craft blast King Edward VII School we will make key-rings, necklaces, and rings. we plan to have a few signature cartoon figures, so people can recognise our things. View
7SJ Bents Green School . View
Peak candles Silverdale School We are selling candles View
The jam biscots King Edward VII School Biscuits, jam, chutney, decorations View
Cocoa King Edward VII School We will be selling luxury hot chocolate stirrers in a variety of different flavors. We will also be selling related products (e.g. handmade crafts) and some baked goods too. View
The Upcyclers Tapton School Up cycling old charity shop items and re using old items. View
Stressless King Edward VII School High-quality and durable stress balls. View
flickering flame High Storrs School we are making vegan candles which vary in shapes, colours, scents and sizes. They are perfect for any occasion, are made from high quality soy wax and our lovely candles range from only £1-£3! What a bargain! View
Cookies and Slime Holgate Meadows School   Making seasonal cookies and Christmas slime - choose a colour and scent for the slime and a Christmas character to go with it - which slime they would like the most i.e. elves would like green slime that smells of mints (this will be the cookie shape). At Easter, the theme will change to suit the change in seasons. View
Stylish Strands Meadowhead School I will be making braclets of all genders , and necklaces. I will be making braclets of different materials and for different purposes eg; relationships , friendships etc View
Da jam biscots King Edward VII School Biscuits, jam, chutney, decorations View
Tiny Travelers Chaucer School We will sew various prodects and make various braclets. We will also bake cakes and cookies. View
Coasters And Co Newfield School We will manufacture and sell cup coasters. View
Aloe There High Storrs School We will sell natural aloe vera soap that helps with skin health. We will also use organic packaging. View
Coral Coasters Tapton School Recycling plastic to create a range of coasters View
Enchanted Wick Forge Valley School We have planned to make a business about eco-friendly candles and wax-melts, hopefully increasing the amount of people wanting to buy our products. We will be having a specific day of the week when each member of our team will make a batch of candles (and/or) wax melts. We will also have a specific day of the week where we get together and discuss any new ideas. View
Pop O dot Yewlands Academy Baking cake pops, sugar crystal lollies, trays and festive lollies. View
Gifts Gallore High Storrs School We are gifts gallore! We make loving gift bags suitable for any age and gender! in our gift bags you get a range of items. Your options are a seasonal !LIMITED! Cinnamon nutritious lip scrub, some scented wax candles, a bracelet of your choice (just with beads or you can add a charm for an extra 50p), a homemade custom themed mini card and finally a little thank you sticker! Please let us know if you have any allergies so we can avoid using them in your product. Prices from £5-£5.50 <3 View
Pineapple Art King Edward VII School We are Pineapple Art! Our small business sells handmade artistic accessories, like colourful bracelets, adorable keyrings, super cool rings and earrings, amazing phone charms and cute stickers. If you like pineapples, you'll love Pineapple art.... and if you don't.... YOU WILL!! View
Kildy King Edward VII School we are making homemade scrunches and dog bandannas with great materials for all pet lovers If that is not a enough then we also will be making lace chokers View
Ronnies Randoms Forge Valley School selling products with added rewards View
Sweet spice and all things nice Tapton School My business idea is natural made from the heart. Jams and chutneys made environmentally friendly (all recyclable) and many different flavours View
The Seasonal Store Silverdale School Making and selling gifts to match the season. Also selling cookies. View
Bella jewellery UTC Sheffield City Centre Make jewelry which looks nice and decorative. View
Bits and Bobs with Natasha and Maebelle King Edward VII School Lucky dip with bits and bobs in it, and several side things, including sweets, bookmarks, jewelry, decorations, stickers, stationary, e.c.t View
AAC Scents Yewlands Academy Coloured, glittered and scented candles. All home-made! View
String and Things King Edward VII School Jewelry,macramé, decorations View
Tasties Yewlands Academy Baking challenge! Handmade cakes. View
TrioCosmetics King Edward VII School Lip balms/scrubs Jewellery Bakes Body mist View
Jar it Sheffield High School Our business idea is to make baking easier. We make baking jars and the only thing that you need to add is eggs and butter. Our jars make brownies,blondes and choc chip cookies. View
Sweetsellermaniac King Edward VII School I'm selling sweets, cakes and all sorts View
8VA1 Bents Green School . View
Paws and Pals Sheffield High School Paws and Pals is a handmade dog/pet shop, we sell bandanas for pets, rope toys, treat bags, shampoo, tennis balls and finally hampers which include everything. It is all made by us with care, and we test all our products on our 4 dog mascots. View
PJ Aromas High Storrs School Our business is based around creating handmade soap. This is to help people with stress filled lives to enjoy luxury products at a reasonable price. Our packaging is recyclable. These things will help people with stress filled lives to get a long night's sleep whilst resting assured that their hands are clean. The PJ Aroma team View
Krazy pencil topperz High Storrs School The best pencil upgrades for your AMAZING stationery (pencil toppers) with brilliant 3D posters! View
SAHARA Forge Valley School We are planning to sell handmade origami crafts, stickers, colouring books, cloth bags and bakery items. View
Sparkleluxe King Edward VII School In our business we are going to sell accessories decorations and beauty products View
Namaste Accessories Sheffield High School Jewellery, accessories, handmade goods View
AstroCharmz King Edward VII School We will be selling lucky charms, personalized bookmarks ,bracelets and keyrings. We will have beautifully designhed packaging. View
The Soap Bar Meadowhead School Our business idea is to make bath time a bit more enjoyable, without the guilt. Our homemade soaps are 100% cruelty free, vegan, and palm oil free! Skin benefits? We got you. The soap itself is made out of oatmeal and Shea butter, which combined together, is your one way ticket to smooth skin! Our crystal based versions provide a luxurious lather. Want to smell like heaven? Our scents are just as good. Smells like, piña coladas, watermelon and cinnamon swirl margaritas will have you smelling divine in no time! View
Sweets and Treats Meadowhead School selling sweets and other treats for holiday and other occasions gluten free and vegetarian View
Exotic Pursuers LTD Hinde House School We will be selling Palestine products; such as pins, key rings, pens, bands, pendants, boxing gloves etc. Also, we will raise money for the less fortunate. View
Cowboy Cats King Edward VII School Candle Jewellery Bookmarks Loom band animals Resin key rings View
snax attax Chaucer School our brand idea is too sell of brand snacks and then when we make enough we will buy branded stuff View
Christmas Cuisine Newfield School Sweet and savoury Christmas foods and bakery, and when Christmas ends it will change into a tuck shop or a shop to match whatever season we are in at that time, selling cookies, brownies ,drinks etc. 20% of each sale will be saved and every month donated to Macmillan Cancer Charity. View
Starstruck King Edward VII School Starstruck is a handmade jewellery buisness. Going for a Y2k theme with a hint of galaxy View
Redefined Tapton School I will be as sustainable as possible when creating my eco-friendly dried flower bouquets, pot pourri, candles and multi purpose jewelry. I hope to use all paper packaging and support any local charities if possible. View
Cookies and Crafts King Edward VII School We sell a variety of products. These include: Braclets, Necklaces, Earrings, Cookies, Brownies, and rings. Additionally, 10% of our money at the end will be donated to the Sheffield Children's Hospital. View
Randoms Forge Valley School Robots and random things eg. pokemon cards, fizzy pop (coca cola, pespi, and fanta) View
Torched Views Holgate Meadows School   I'm continuing my photography business from last years Big Challenge, and looking at new products and new places to sell. Selling photos that have been taken & edited by me. I will be selling framed photos and cards, 5% of all profits this year will be donated to Bens Centre. View
Yewlands Bejeweled Yewlands Academy Hand-made bracelets, keyrings and rings. View
Shutter Scrubz Sheffield High School We sell lip scrubs in 4 main flavours, body scrubs in 3 main flavours, bath salts, lash serum and rings. We have homemade all of our scrubz and bath salts and they come with a care card and organza bag. Our baths salts come in 2 different sizes. View
Happy beads Newfield School We are making bracelets and earrings out of clay beads, we can also make key chains and lots of of other stuff View
Bespoke Jewellery Newfield School Our business is individually, handcrafted and customised jewellery to fit every customer . View
MnM Sheffield High School We're selling gifts including: Lavender Bags, Soap, Earrings etc. In the near future, we will have different collections like the lavender collection, rose collection, citrus collection. View
Muglevea Sheffield High School Sustainable and refillable lip glosses. Homemade wax melts with seasonal scents Claw clips with a variety of colors. Oil burners for the wax melts We are affordable, sustainable and we have good quality products. View
Glowify Bents Green School Lighted bottles View
beebee co UTC Sheffield City Centre A high quality candle company that make decorative and strong scented-candles. They look nice and they smell amazing with unique scents. View

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