We Made Are First Sale!!!!

October 30 2023 by Beauties and the beads

We made are first sale selling are jewery and we have many orders to make and the total cost of all the orders is over £30 or more (thats over are achevement goal already !)We Also have one order which adds up to just under £15 ( we are so gratefull for all are orders no matter the size). Are buisness aproche to this was staring at school , asking friend nif they would like to buy and then we reached out to family and close friends off are parents and asked them if thye would like to buy maybe one small thing . In are orders we add a free little chocolate or sweet if your lucky. We are also going to start selling online hopefully and at little fairs what are school aranges . We were also thinking about selling at the moor in town and other places around sheffield .

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