Moor Market stall and sales!

February 13 2022 by Cow and Crow

Yesterday we were at the Moor Market from 10 till 2pm. We enjoyed the time, it was slow but steady (the best thing was we were right oposite the bakery!). We took over £50 which we are very pleased with.

Recently, we have put up our new prints on Facebook and within a few hours we had 6 orders online, some of these orders include: printing onto T-shirts (which has been a challenge for us in the past with ink dificulties, but are ready for a challenge), printing onto art paper for someone's child's bedroom, and Rose has been challenged with the task of making 3 personalised wooden pigs. Someone has asked for replicas of her 3 pet pigs, one having a curly coat, which Rose is very excited to start making.

We have started planing our final report, and aim to start writing it up this afternoon. Everything seems to be on track in the meantime, which is quite unusual for us, but we are very much enjoying it.  

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