?We Are Lucky Charms

November 10 2023 by Lucky Charms

Hi! Welcome to the Lucky Charms page, we are a group of 6 people who joined the BiG Challenge with a mission to sell as many of our unique, bright products as possible.

 ?We want to try to spread positivity by encouraging people to express themselves as well as they want. Expressing yourself can be done in multiple, different ways. This includes: the way you dress, the accesories you wear, and the things you would recommend to people.

 ?Our products ensure that you can do all 3 of these, in an easy way, at an affordable price. So far, we have sold multiple of our products, with all our cutomers satisfied with their product, feeling that they can subtly, yet effectively express themselves. One of our cutomers told us:

'I bought two products, and i love them both, woud recommend.'

 ?We sell multiple accessories, ranging from our beaded jewelry, to our delicious, homemade fudge.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you at our next stall, have a nice day!

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