High Storrs School

Team name School Business Idea Link
Gifts Gallore High Storrs School We are gifts gallore! We make loving gift bags suitable for any age and gender! in our gift bags you get a range of items. Your options are a seasonal !LIMITED! Cinnamon nutritious lip scrub, some scented wax candles, a bracelet of your choice (just with beads or you can add a charm for an extra 50p), a homemade custom themed mini card and finally a little thank you sticker! Please let us know if you have any allergies so we can avoid using them in your product. Prices from £5-£5.50 <3 View
Crafty Cherry High Storrs School We will make jewlery, crochet stuff and stuffed toys/plushies. We will also make stickers View
PJ Aromas High Storrs School Our business is based around creating handmade soap. This is to help people with stress filled lives to enjoy luxury products at a reasonable price. Our packaging is recyclable. These things will help people with stress filled lives to get a long night's sleep whilst resting assured that their hands are clean. The PJ Aroma team View
Krazy pencil topperz High Storrs School The best pencil upgrades for your AMAZING stationery (pencil toppers) with brilliant 3D posters! View
Aloe There High Storrs School We will sell natural aloe vera soap that helps with skin health. We will also use organic packaging. View
flickering flame High Storrs School we are making vegan candles which vary in shapes, colours, scents and sizes. They are perfect for any occasion, are made from high quality soy wax and our lovely candles range from only £1-£3! What a bargain! View
Super CD art High Storrs School We will be selling eco friendly, colourful CDs to decorate your home. They can also be used as coasters for your drinks. They are recycled and painted with top quality paint pens. You will be able to buy them with cd boxes or a pretty recyclable packaging. View
Magpies High Storrs School We will make magnets using retro bottle caps, pebbles, & paint. We'll also take photos in the peak district and put them in mini plastic frames and attach them to magnets. We'll add magnets to every product we make. View

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