Newfield School

Team name School Business Idea Link
SHS Pets Newfield School We want to design and provide accessories for pet owners and pets.Get them involved in the seasonal festivities or a little something from love. We will design neckerchief available for any occasion. View
Happy beads Newfield School We are making bracelets and earrings out of clay beads, we can also make key chains and lots of of other stuff View
Bespoke Jewellery Newfield School Our business is individually, handcrafted and customised jewellery to fit every customer . View
Christmas Cuisine Newfield School Sweet and savoury Christmas foods and bakery, and when Christmas ends it will change into a tuck shop or a shop to match whatever season we are in at that time, selling cookies, brownies ,drinks etc. 20% of each sale will be saved and every month donated to Macmillan Cancer Charity. View
Coasters And Co Newfield School We will manufacture and sell cup coasters. View
C and C cakes and crafts Newfield School We would be making Christmas themed decorations for example there are decorative Christmas trees that we will be selling along with decorative for the cakes part we will be making cupcakes and if you have a sticker on the bottom you win a prize. We will also be making triple chocolate cookies in the form of Christmas puddings along with edible Christmas tree decorations View
Raspberries Newfield School Our business idea is that we will sell homemade cute, trendy bracelets, phone charms and keyrings. They will be ideal as small gifts and stocking fillers. View
Brilliant Buttons Newfield School Brilliant Buttons create fantastic Christmas decorations to make your tree look the best it can. We specialise in making Christmas trees, Snowmen and Angels out of buttons for people to enjoy. As well as this, we incorporate recycled tetra packs for the base of the design and angel wings to form sustainable business model. We will also sell spectacular earrings to contribute toward profits which we will reinvest into the business. After the festive season we will create Halloween and Easter ornaments on top of birthday cards. we are brilliant buttons and we hope you enjoy our business model. View
Amazing tea towels Newfield School We will be selling tea towels with screen printed designs that we will sell for £3.00 View
Strings And Things Newfield School We will be making and selling handmade friendship bracelets made of string at faires and market stalls. All of us will be making the bracelets and the work will be split evenly. View

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