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our business idea is to create laminated pride flags, colored pronoun cards and preferred name cards, so that students and teachers alike can buy them to represent their sexuality, pronouns and what they would like to be called. all cards will be laminated key ring size and have a small metal loop so people can attach them to their keys or to a lanyard. the cards will be made individual to each person.

our products will be 50p each for one key ring, or a key ring pack of 3(one of each pronoun, pride and name) for 1.50. mix and match to show your colors!

Target market: we think our customers will be students teachers and others who support the pride community or are a member themselves.

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Selling at Meadowhead Christmas Market + promotion

Posted on December 9 2021

With our products all made up, today we made our first sales at Meadowhead christmas market.  If you would like to contact us about buying our products please talk to our promotion and advertisment mamager Elaina Laver. Or message the team heare on the big challenge website. 

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Laminating our first set of products!!

Posted on November 18 2021

Hey everyone, dropping by to let you know we're laminating oir firat set of products. Gay pride flags and pronoun cards!! For our preffered name cards we would like you to pre order so we can make them ahead of sell dates.

More info coming soon!

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advertisement and product supply

Posted on November 17 2021

hi everyone, just here to drop an update.

posters for advertisement have been made. our products are slowly being created and should be up for sale as soon as we have a manageable supply for our products.  

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