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We are Pineapple Art! Our small business sells handmade artistic accessories, like colourful bracelets, adorable keyrings, super cool rings and earrings, amazing phone charms and cute stickers. If you like pineapples, you'll love Pineapple art.... and if you don't.... YOU WILL!!

Target market: We target on children

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Happy New Year!! ☺️

Posted on January 8 2024

This year we bring totally new things to Pineapple Art. We will love you to give us ideas of what you'd like us to make, if youy got any ideas please tell us or show us it you can find us at King Edwards VII School.

Please contact Maria,FC

Only for people in King Edwards VII school <3! for the moment...


Have a great 2024!!! 

XX see you


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⭐️new sellings x!

Posted on January 8 2024

heyy!We've decided to make some new products!Such as bathbombs,bookmarks,phone-charms and clips xx:)

Thank you so much for giving us such amazing ideas again!!

We will make them,as you guys ordered- as soon as possible xx<3

The picture on the right is an example of what clips we're gonna be doing,of course there's gonna be a lot more.Js for example x❤️

And always check out our page for brand new information^^


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❤️Pine apple art at moor market:))

Posted on December 28 2023

Hey loves!✨We've booked a stall for our shop at the heart of the moor market!On 3rd of feb,Saturday-2024. You're more then welcome if u are interested in jewellery,key rings,Clips,Stickers and more!You are also welcomed if u don't like any of them!Everyone is allowed! x!


We also have discounts since is the last time we'll meet u lovelies!

Such as having 1 pound of,1 pound for two bracelets (one bracelet is 1 pound x)

enjoy xx,


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