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‘Bee Green’ Eco-crafts aims to make Sheffield a cleaner, greener, and more eco-friendly place, as well as to encourage students to show more interest in the environment and appreciate the value of nature. Out of recyclable, used material or natural resources, I make artsy nature-themed crafts such as birdfeeders, insect feeders and hotels, plant pots, seed bombs, cards, and wall-hangings. I go for litter picking in my neighborhood, and from the rubbish I pick, I create crafts that attract wildlife to Sheffield’s neighborhoods and help its flora and fauna. Low cost, aesthetic value, environmentally consciousness!

Target market: The main target groups of this business are students and children, as I want to change their perception about nature.

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Posted on December 16 2023

The most vital and importand animal on our planet is going to exctinct and no one cares! It's unbelievable how so many children, teenagers and even adults only know bees for their honey; bees are way more than that! There is more than 250 species of bees only in the UK, and above 20,000 species of bees worldwide and every single one of those species is extrordinary in its own way. We need to save this magnificent insect, but to protect the bees, we need to know about them.  Starting by your every day life: hang bee hotels in your gardens, provide food (sugar, honey, fruit...) to boost weak bees and create a bee-friendly enviornment in your house. We need to act. NOW.

If you see us at the King Edwards Christmas market, make sure to take part to the

"BEE HAPPY, BEE FRIENDLY, BEE GREEN" raffle to win prices and learn more about bees and how to protect them.

We need as much support as possible to save the bees and I am very excited to say that the selling oppurtunity Bee Green Eco-crafts took part in, in the Moor Market, went amazingly well! I was very happy to see that many people were interested in nature, learning about our bees and that cared about wildife. Our top most popular products for our customers were our artsistc insect and bee hotels, which made me really pleased, since of course, the aim of this bussiness is to encourage people to love the wildlife that needs it, especially bees. Bee Green not only protects the bees, by selling bee hotels and houses, but also all the money it gets, goes to wildlife trust and protection organisms. 

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Posted on December 16 2023

'Tis the season to be jolly, bring joy and happiness to the people we love and of course celebrate Christmas along with nature, by spending time out in the snow, staying cozy inside in a house full of festive plants and flowers or even just using eco-friendly Christmas ornaments. Spread the Christmas spirit by giving out Bee Green's cheerfull reindeer card collection!

Price: £1 EACH. BUY 5, GET 1 FREE!!!

If you want to learn more about reindeer species in the UK and how they were first associated with Christmas, come to our school Christmas market, where we will have games with Christmas wildlife fun fact cards, give out gifts, tell people more about bees and spread seasonal cheer!

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