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I will be as sustainable as possible when creating my eco-friendly dried flower bouquets, pot pourri, candles and multi purpose jewelry.
I hope to use all paper packaging and support any local charities if possible.

Target market: I think my customers will be any age or gender because of the vast range of my products

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Moor market sale

Posted on January 15 2024

I am happy I was able so sell at the moor market. And hope for for opportunities like it even though selling online seems to be more successful for my business. This is what my stall looked like.

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New products

Posted on November 19 2023

Soon I will launch a new style of limited edition Christmas baubles that will be sold at the high storres sale In December.

I'll post some more photos and updates soon but I can't wait to meet you all. Xx

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Jewelry workshop

Posted on November 9 2023

 In December at the high storres sale I will be hosting a workshop at my stall where all ages can come and make a piece of jewelry for £3-10. I will provide all materials.

Hopefully I'll see you there xx

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