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Every Frame Is Awesome

From King Edward VII School

I will be making Lego Figure storage frames, by adapting high quality deep set picture frames, and Lego bricks stuck inside good quality backing boards in order for Lego Figures to be displayed. ''EVERY FRAME IS AWESOME!"

The frames are 25 x 25 deep set, and very luxurious and robust. The backing board has been specially selected for supporting structures and the bricks are legit Lego. Lego figures not included. £15 for large frame which can store 12 Lego figures, black or white frames, can customize or request any sequences of block colours. The blocks are designed so we can remove figures and arrange as we like. The frames come with clear plastic cover to keep figures dust free, which is optional to use.

Target market: Parents of Lego Fans buying for their children. This will be a high quality, aesthetic product which I would like to sell £15/16 per frame. I have already sold a few.

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