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The Soap Bar

From Meadowhead School

Our business idea is to make bath time a bit more enjoyable, without the guilt. Our homemade soaps are 100% cruelty free, vegan, and palm oil free! Skin benefits? We got you. The soap itself is made out of oatmeal and Shea butter, which combined together, is your one way ticket to smooth skin! Our crystal based versions provide a luxurious lather. Want to smell like heaven? Our scents are just as good. Smells like, piƱa coladas, watermelon and cinnamon swirl margaritas will have you smelling divine in no time!

Target market: We think our customers will mainly be girls aged 10+ and people who suffer from conditions like dry and strawberry skin. Plus, our soaps are a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who needs a little bit of self care time.

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