King Edward VII School

Team name School Business Idea Link
Goodies by Gracie King Edward VII School Bag of ingredients for ready to make cookies and cakes gift wrapped. The purchaser would just need to add melted butter. I will be selling these for around £2.50 but maybe a little more for Christmas fayres etc. View
craft blast King Edward VII School we will make key-rings, necklaces, and rings. we plan to have a few signature cartoon figures, so people can recognise our things. View
Beauty by RNM King Edward VII School We are making lip balms in pretty colours and flavours! All the girls have been getting into make-up. This is a great marketing step to knowing our buyers. The lip balms will be prized at 1.50 each, and are easy and reasonably cheap to make. They come in tubes of 5g and are easy to be carried in women's small handbags. View
Starstruck King Edward VII School Starstruck is a handmade jewellery buisness. Going for a Y2k theme with a hint of galaxy View
crumbling cookies and more King Edward VII School baking cookies, cupcakes and traybakes. Selling at school, drama rehearsals and street stalls. may be serving tea and coffee. View
Rings and Things King Edward VII School We will be using beads and wire to make rings and earrings and clay for decorative dishes and pins. We will also be making many other things! We are looking forward to putting our creative capabilities to work and improving our year nine experience with this fun business opportunity. The school Christmas and Moor market is where we are hoping to sell our products. View
Shoe crew sole supplies King Edward VII School We will be selling bags, purses, and and items made of old shoes. we are also trying to make everything eco friendly. View
Lucky cat King Edward VII School We will be selling Diy making kit Candles crochet things and more View
Cowboy Cats King Edward VII School Candle Jewellery Bookmarks Loom band animals Resin key rings View
Glossboss King Edward VII School I sell lip glosses and lip balmes as well as other beauty items. View
String and Things King Edward VII School Jewelry,macramé, decorations View
Bits and Bobs with Natasha and Maebelle King Edward VII School Lucky dip with bits and bobs in it, and several side things, including sweets, bookmarks, jewelry, decorations, stickers, stationary, e.c.t View
Cookies and Coasters King Edward VII School Selling decorated seasonal cookies and customised coasters. View
The Sugar Sanctuary King Edward VII School We will be selling sour candy and sweets View
Every Frame Is Awesome King Edward VII School I will be making Lego Figure storage frames, by adapting high quality deep set picture frames, and Lego bricks stuck inside good quality backing boards in order for Lego Figures to be displayed. ''EVERY FRAME IS AWESOME!" The frames are 25 x 25 deep set, and very luxurious and robust. The backing board has been specially selected for supporting structures and the bricks are legit Lego. Lego figures not included. £15 for large frame which can store 12 Lego figures, black or white frames, can customize or request any sequences of block colours. The blocks are designed so we can remove figures and arrange as we like. The frames come with clear plastic cover to keep figures dust free, which is optional to use. View
The blank canvas King Edward VII School Tie dye clothes, accessories, baked goods, and minor cosmetics.. eg bath bombs. View
Sofias treasure box King Edward VII School Christmas jewellery plaques and treats View
Kildy King Edward VII School we are making homemade scrunches and dog bandannas with great materials for all pet lovers If that is not a enough then we also will be making lace chokers View
Bee Green Ecocrafts King Edward VII School ‘Bee Green’ Eco-crafts aims to make Sheffield a cleaner, greener, and more eco-friendly place, as well as to encourage students to show more interest in the environment and appreciate the value of nature. Out of recyclable, used material or natural resources, I make artsy nature-themed crafts such as birdfeeders, insect feeders and hotels, plant pots, seed bombs, cards, and wall-hangings. I go for litter picking in my neighborhood, and from the rubbish I pick, I create crafts that attract wildlife to Sheffield’s neighborhoods and help its flora and fauna. Low cost, aesthetic value, environmentally consciousness! View
Cocoa King Edward VII School We will be selling luxury hot chocolate stirrers in a variety of different flavors. We will also be selling related products (e.g. handmade crafts) and some baked goods too. View
zedys King Edward VII School Scrunchies, Keyrings and Snoods View
Cookies and Crafts King Edward VII School We sell a variety of products. These include: Braclets, Necklaces, Earrings, Cookies, Brownies, and rings. Additionally, 10% of our money at the end will be donated to the Sheffield Children's Hospital. View
AstroCharmz King Edward VII School We will be selling lucky charms, personalized bookmarks ,bracelets and keyrings. We will have beautifully designhed packaging. View
Sparkleluxe King Edward VII School In our business we are going to sell accessories decorations and beauty products View
Plant and Art King Edward VII School We will sell herbs and pictures (lino, watercolour, sketch) of them. View
GlassIt King Edward VII School We are going to be making things using glass bottles and jars. We are going to make lots of items such as ships in bottles, bottle table decorations and snow globes. View
The Everything Emporium King Edward VII School We will be selling a wide range of items that will appeal to many different customers such as food, crafts, art and more View
TrioCosmetics King Edward VII School Lip balms/scrubs Jewellery Bakes Body mist View
Divina King Edward VII School Bracelets, earrings and necklaces View
Crochet and co King Edward VII School Crochet keychains and other handmade accessories View
Sweetsellermaniac King Edward VII School I'm selling sweets, cakes and all sorts View
The blobers King Edward VII School Clay miniatures, stickers, resin items and cosplay tails. View
The Randoms King Edward VII School We sell home made, high quality gifts that are the perfect gifts for children, teenagers and adults. View
Sugar Rush King Edward VII School We are going to make several different sweet treats for everybody to enjoy. Whether that's delicious, melting brownies, a perfect pick and mix or even some cracking cookies, if you want it we will have it. View
Pineapple Art King Edward VII School We are Pineapple Art! Our small business sells handmade artistic accessories, like colourful bracelets, adorable keyrings, super cool rings and earrings, amazing phone charms and cute stickers. If you like pineapples, you'll love Pineapple art.... and if you don't.... YOU WILL!! View
Lucky Charms King Edward VII School Handmade jewellery and confections View
Kal Arts King Edward VII School We sell bakes such as cookies and flapjacks ,We also sell stickers ,bracelets and slime View
Da jam biscots King Edward VII School Biscuits, jam, chutney, decorations View
Stressless King Edward VII School High-quality and durable stress balls. View
Strawberries King Edward VII School We will be Gems Stickers Jewelry's View
Bejeweled King Edward VII School We will do: Jewellery baking accessories View
The jam biscots King Edward VII School Biscuits, jam, chutney, decorations View
Gremlins Gems King Edward VII School Crystal and sea glass jewellery View
Kildys fabrics King Edward VII School Fabrics and accessories. From baby’s to dogs. Bandanas to scrunchies and bracelets to soap. View

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